I mentioned last week in the midst of the madness (thinking that 4 consecutive days were Friday, ech) that I was going to an art exhibit where there was a life size painting of a photo that was taken of yours truly. I said it rather nonchalantly, come to realize that it was only because I hadn't witnessed the piece in real life. Few things in this world actually steal my words away and leave me feeling a bit lost. Normally and easily I maneuver myself in and out of uncomfortable, unexpected, confrontational, embarrassing, basically everyday situations and scenarios with Witt, I would like to think charm, and a sharp tongue. But after arriving to an extremely packed gallery/bar and seeing a BIGGER than life size image of myself the only thing I could manage to think think let alone say was "holy f*cking shit" I repeated it countless times in my head and aloud. I feel extremely honored to be part of this exhibit "The beautiful chaos: a style installation", so thank you Swagger NYC for including me. Also, I would like to say sorry for the lack of photos of myself next to the painting, but similar to my inability to speak, I was so f*cking weirded out by the painting, and the 17 photographers lined up asking me to stand next to myself that in every photo I look like a deer in the headlights or I'm covering my face with my hair. Speechless, bashful, and a little self conscious don't exactly equal great photos. I'm going to relax now, went to the private Duran Duran concert last night, and tomorrow private Cut Copy concert...I'm loving the abundance of private concerts, great music and open bar!!! If only I could sneak into LCD soundsystem....


  1. Congrats my dear!!!

    Kisses Julia


  2. Bravooo!:) like!


  3. you're amazing

    xx ♥ yamina.

  4. love your outfit in that HUGE picture! That is so cool (hope you get to keep it!)


  5. congratulations!


  6. HOLY CRAP it's official - you're a fucking muse!!


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