I mentioned last week in the midst of the madness (thinking that 4 consecutive days were Friday, ech) that I was going to an art exhibit where there was a life size painting of a photo that was taken of yours truly. I said it rather nonchalantly, come to realize that it was only because I hadn't witnessed the piece in real life. Few things in this world actually steal my words away and leave me feeling a bit lost. Normally and easily I maneuver myself in and out of uncomfortable, unexpected, confrontational, embarrassing, basically everyday situations and scenarios with Witt, I would like to think charm, and a sharp tongue. But after arriving to an extremely packed gallery/bar and seeing a BIGGER than life size image of myself the only thing I could manage to think think let alone say was "holy f*cking shit" I repeated it countless times in my head and aloud. I feel extremely honored to be part of this exhibit "The beautiful chaos: a style installation", so thank you Swagger NYC for including me. Also, I would like to say sorry for the lack of photos of myself next to the painting, but similar to my inability to speak, I was so f*cking weirded out by the painting, and the 17 photographers lined up asking me to stand next to myself that in every photo I look like a deer in the headlights or I'm covering my face with my hair. Speechless, bashful, and a little self conscious don't exactly equal great photos. I'm going to relax now, went to the private Duran Duran concert last night, and tomorrow private Cut Copy concert...I'm loving the abundance of private concerts, great music and open bar!!! If only I could sneak into LCD soundsystem....


fuel to my fire

As everyone knows, my love for fashion and accessories are the driving forces in my life. Each and every day in New York City brings someone or something new and interesting that subconsciously inspires me in terms of style. Whether it's seeing a new collection from an already established designer, discovering a new line, having an extra spicy burrito, or running into a friend on the street, the end result is the same, ever evolving, changing fashion. The biggest rush I can get is when my daily discovery involves fashion directly. An amazing find at the local thrift store, or even better discovering an entirely new, untapped store where the possibilities seem endless. Since a frequently asked question from my readers is "where do you get your jewelry?" I thought I would share an online jewelry store I stumbled across, that to me is the virtual equivalent of getting asked out by my crush (no joke). The abundance of gold jewelry ranges not only in style, some contemporary, some antique looking, BUT more importantly in price. I'm obsessed with the yellow gold lion head, and snake ring that I ordered, and am very impatiently awaiting their arrival. Happy Shopping :)


LES is more

(Society Of LES clothing, jewelry and accessories Susan and My own)photos:Jennifer Barry

I styled and shot the Society of LES lookbook this weekend. But let's call a spade, a spade, besides enduring the 30 something degree, ultra windy weather, while trying to look "seductive" calling this "work" would downplay how effortless and fun this particular shoot was. The designers, owners and geniusus behind the line (Susan and Jarret)'s style is so on point with my own that I basically styled their IMMACULATE clothing as if I was getting dressed for any other day. Combining our collections of vintage accessories, insane shoes and sense of humor made for perfection. I was so inspired by every aspect of my look (the super bed head sex hair, dark and mysterious eye make up, her line and collection of jewels) that I have not only been trying to duplicate my eyes and mane but I've been on the hunt via ebay, and about 15 vintage stores the following day for new gear. It was such a delight working with everyone on this shoot, hair-make up, the lovely Serena (from Spellbound Magazine), Susan (the best blanket wrapper around) her funny, ball busting husband Jarret, Jennifer, and of course Charlie (the Pomeranian pooch). I couldn't have asked for anything more... well maybe a few degrees warmer so I could have "more movement" lol , thanks mother nature you win again! What does everyone think of the behind the scenes pics? AND sign up to follow S.O.L on twitter, send them a little love from The Little Black List.
Happy Monday everyone :)


rats nest

(Vintage dress restored by my mama, hair nappy as sh*t)
A little history on this dress, it was an XXXL (not exaggerating) that my mother picked out at the local thrift store in Vallejo solely to laugh at...I was mesmorised at this 5.99 gem. I knew with a little TLC it could turn out looking really sexy (the front of the dress is power mesh with 2 elastic strips that some how manage to cover the exact location of my nipples). Now as for why I'm freezing my @ss off in central park wearing a club dress? lol it was all part of my Spellbound Magazine shoot, which will be released May, i.e why I can't share with you other, more detailed shots of this outfit. As for the main reason I'm sharing the same photo 3 times on this particular Friday, f*ck me I've thought it was Friday for the last 3 days, no JOKE.Why you may ask?? Because in between, meetings and dinners with the design team of United Nude, being part of the ever so long casting process for a few tv shows, Kenneth Cole party, mauling a few boys (including but not limited to not 1 but 2 ex's), Swagger-Art installation and about 6,000 emails, 589 texts, and 147 calls. I FINALLY DECIDED what to do with my hair! Say SOOOOOOO LOONGGG to my short, skunky ,2 tone rat's nest mane! And come SUNDAY when my contractual obligation is fulfilled I'm changing my hair, and there's nada you can say!!!!!!!! ANY guesses on what's to come??



(Necessary Clothing sheer top, American Apparel disco pants, Iris Van Herpen x United Nude shoes, Yves Saint Laurent Rings, Vintage Birkin, Vintage necklaces and bracelets)Photos:Craig Arend
When you are personally invited by Mr. Kenneth Cole to come see his new collection, drink individual bottles of champagne through straws, be served fancy schmancy cocktails by young, sexy bartenders, eat the tiniest gourmet cheeseburgers and grilled cheese sandwiches you've ever seen, have unlimited access to a candy bar, and watch a private screening of "rebel without a cause", YOU GO! So of course I did. I brought my partner in crime friend, and fellow blogger Sami. And we did just that. Got a little giggly from the drinks and buzzed around because of the sugar intake. The line was INCREDIBLE. If there was some way I could do the Wayne's world, down on my knees, arms flailing "we're not worthy, we're not worthy" right now, I would. Leather jackets in the deepest most luxurious reds, fur collars on cashmere sweaters that were so soft I actually stroked my face with it at one point. And sunnies, and accessories that I am not so secretly coveting. The event was nothing less than perfection from beginning to end, so thank you Kenneth (I'm going to act like we are on a 1st name basis), all the staff at KC, and a BIG "thank you", hug and air kiss to Karen and Michelle at DBA. You guys were so lovely, Can't wait for the upcoming project that seem to be blossoming.
Also notice the 11th shot? YUP that's Kenneth telling me he adores "crazy shoes"!! AHHH sooo awesome! And the the last shot is our "ring bling" as Karen named and tweeted it. Which is a whole other topic! I have love, love, LOVED her blog since before The Little Black List was even a twinkle in my eye, so to meet her and have her appreciate my jewels. I'm over the moon right now!



(All clothing Maurie & Eve, Shoes KronKron, Unknown headband, YSL ring)photos: Helen Pearson

I love, love, love this jacket. The leather is soooo soft and buttery that you almost feel like you're wearing silk! And paired with baggy,effortlessly comfortable and chic pants. Looking and feeling like I'm straight out of the rollerskating rink in the 70's. Does it really get any easier or better???? Please note that these photos were taken in the tiniest of all closets at Ty's apt, WE couldn't stop laughing when I tried to maneuver my body into strange shapes in a 4 foot x 4 foot box (clearly some didn't work out, those pics will not see the light of day). Now, Time to run and start the beautifying process! Hair, make up and and unknown OUTFIT for the Kenneth Cole dinner, drinks, movie and new SS/11 season party, hosted by Mr. Kenneth himself. YAY soooo exciting. ALSO I've decided on what to do with my hair!! APRIL 4th I will be a new and improved woman.....can't wait to change it up and share with all my lovely readers!!!!!


all in the details

(Vintage: blouse & blazer, H&M shorts, Steve Madden booties, Alexander Wang bag, f21 sparrow & chain bracelet, vintage: crystal necklace & emerald & onyx cuff dad's "picture stone" jade cuff, DIY armor ring, S&D designs name cuff)

I've always said that my love of jewelry and accessories comes from my mom. For as long as I can remember she's had a wrist full of sterling silver and turqouise cuffs that were stacked nearly to her elbow. She NEVER and I mean NEVER took them off. There have been many incidences going through airport security, where my mother nicely but sternly told the airport security to F*ck off and use the handheld metal detector, because she was not removing her jewels....This is not only where my love and appreciation came from but I think I inherited her talent. It's not a conscious effort to accessorize for me. Depending on my mood, I just stack it on and hope that it works out. Having said that I am such a yellow gold person, as you've probably noticed, but as far as silver goes the photos above capture some of my fav pieces. The DIY armor ring, that took me about 2 hours to remove the creepy vampire looking claw that covered the tip of my finger, obviously 2 crystal necklaces although I now stack on more and more to made an even bolder statement. But the most important, sentimental and precious piece in this series of photos is the "picture stone" jade cuff. The stone appears to have a photo of a rocky skyline, when in fact it is just a discolored jade stone. It was a gift from my mom, who at that time had little, to no money so she sold her BIKE to have the loose stone turned into a cuff, that my father wore and never took off throughout the 70's. I love wearing it from time to time and imagining my hippie parents running around like menaces in the Haight and Mission of San Francisco similar to how I am in NYC. TGIF everyone....muah muah muah

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