1.View from Bart
2. Double exposure, D's Legs and shoes...virgin america flight from LA to SF
3. Irving Square
4. Self Portrait


Sweet tooth...

Ready to Wear Dresses from Valentino and Chanel S10, remind me of the sugary sweetness that one can only find at Magnolia Bakery...The beautiful pastel palettes , silk and lace fabric that enable endless movement, and the overall femininity that these dresses put forth are simply stunning. Magnolia today, Perhaps Chanel Tomorrow...



Just arrived in San Francisco, and I've really taken to the "photo booth" application in my dad's new MAC. I think its a really cool effect, appears to be an X-ray but my brother informed me its just an inverted photograph. DM to me...(DM=Doesnt matter). The weather is here is great, exactly what I remember. Warm during the day and crisp but not cold at night. I cant wait to thrift shop, eat burritos at my favorite taqueria, and wear and post some new wacky stuff.




Rainy Daze

(Vintage Old man's sweater , Target socks, Jeffrey Campbell for LF tac booties, Balenciaga bag, F21 rhinestone knuckle ring)

I brought out the tac booties again, and this time I didn't loose any tacs!!! AMAZING!! The weather warmed up just enough to forget my pants and wear knee-high socks which makes me smile just a little... Heading North to San Francisco to visit my family.
...Oh yea the cat is eating the strings on my bag..grrrrr


El Nino

Dress, Belt Jacket Vintage, Chanel bag, F21 patent oxfords, Topshop Booties, Targer tights, American Apparel hoodie)
Still no luck with the weather...in fact Ive spent most of my time in LA avoiding the rain. However while venturing out to thrift shop in Hollywood I made my friends Craig and Yvonne stop to take this picture. I though it was ridiculous that I came to LA for beautiful weather and it was so ugly out that even in a parking garage this was happening...


Window Treatment

(Vintage lace slip dress, Vintage slips, American Apparel tube bra, Christian Louboutin heels, F21 rhinestone lips necklace, Erica Weiner pocket knife necklace, Ornamental Things gold and horn necklace, Seth &Dashiel designs turq necklace, F21 owl ring, Antique Diamond ring, Antique Jade ring)

It's so rainy and cold and anti LA in LA right now. I decided to stay inside and pretend like the weather conditions weren't affecting me. Decided to wear a vintage flowey white peasanty dress, lots of necklaces and really tall suede Louboutins (what I had envisioned I should be wearing in LA). Im really hoping the weather goes back to normal before I head to San Francisco. Keep your fingers crossed...


Quality you can taste...

(Moms Peruvian sweater, American apparel cut off tee, f21 silver studded cuff, vintage backpack, Erica Weiner pocket knife necklace)
I just got to LA...first thing, IN n OUT number 1 with a Sprite, accosting Kaine the guy on the mic for telling me "no photos", and sneaking in a few just dispite him. Im really glad I decided to leave NYC for greener pastures only to arrive in the middle of El nino...typical. Oh well, I'll make the best, vintaging shopping, catching up with old friends etc.



As I've said before my mom is a huge influence on my style. From her billowy cotton dresses, embroidered peasant tops, and Frye boots to her black beret cocked to the side. For as long as I can remember I've always been fascinated and obsessed with her bejeweled wrists. My mom considers her huge Turquoise and silver cuff to be her engagement cuff, antique estate diamond line bracelets (acquired throughout various Christmases), vintage 2 tone gold and diamond Rolex, various thickness stacking silver cuffs from Mexico in the 70s (and I dont think they've been taken off since then).


Teddy Bear

(Grandma's fur coat,layered cream slip dresses,Balenciaga bag, Target tights, Christian Louboutin riding boots, Gloves and hat Duane reade)

The weather in New York has become un"bear"able (get it...this blog is titled teddy). I tried to dress feminine and still maintain my warmth, without looking like a crazy bag lady. My coat (originally my grandmothers) is actually really warm, as is my ugly grey drug store beenie. Ive decided to head back to California for a weeks to avoid the windburn and chapped NY winter.



I found this sterling silver bird knuckle ring in Astor place...I haggled it down to $20.00. It originally had and extra tier in the shape of a claw or tyrannosaurus rex nail that dominated my entire hand. Therefore I had to alter it a bit. It took me about 20 minutes and 7 different types of tools(this was far better quality than I had anticipated) but here's the end result...I'm literally obsessed.

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