strategically placed

(Vintage dress, United Nude heels, Vintage jewls)photos:Spelbound Magazine

I posted a pic of the back of this dress a while back, seen here but was unable to show any other shots till Spellbound Magazine released their magazine and images. So here they are. Old hair, funky shoes, Central Park with bare trees, bright orange nails and one of my favorite vintage dresses that my mother managed to alter to perfection. (As I said before, the elastic strips strategically cover my n*pples PERFECTLY). This is one of my go-to dresses when I get lost in one of those "a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear" moments that some how capture even the best of us. On another note NYC has been hit with a heat wave which instantly gave me the deepest desire to run to the beach thus the realization I need a new swimsuit or 3...I am open to any and all suggestions. PLEASE HELP!!


she's always a woman to me

(Vintage: Levis jacket, belt, necklaces, F21 dress, Yves Saint Laurent Shoes, Yves Saint Laurent rings, S&D des. bracelets, St Vendor sunnies)Photos:Chloe

Summer is OFFICIALLY here, its hot, humid, sticky and I couldn't be happier. I think I was inspired by "catch me if you can" with this outfit. I watched it yesterday and was instantly obsessed with the simple silhouettes, suspenders, cuffed pants, and INSANE eye wear that the film offered. I also feel a little bit like a lady in this bold, floral print dress with loads of antique rhinestone necklaces....As for the long holiday weekend, I will be spending it with friends: watching movies, bbq-ing, wake boarding, vintage shopping, lounging around with a special man(maybe, just maybe I can introduce you to him...we shall see) and enjoying the much needed SUN. I need a tan and some time off relaxing. I hope everyone has a safe but exciting weekend....what are your plans?

ps. check out some very kind words written about me on mtv, and other blogs...here..here...and here...



(Vintage: dress, bag, jewelry, Ksubi sunnies, U.O flats, cc skye pyramid ring, Kenneth Jay Lane bee ring, F21 armor ring, S&D designs necklace, bracelets)photos:Georgie
I bought this vintage dress at Beacon's closet a few weeks back knowing I had to cut it into separate pieces to break up the bold aztec looking print (it was a little overwhelming for my frame) And now I'm a little obsessed. It shows the perfect amount of stomach to sex it up a little and the print is worn effortlessly together or paired with separate prints (floral, cheetah or geometrical-sounds crazy I know but looks INCREDIBLE) I choose to pair it with of course, vintage jewels, bag and my Ksubi's and call it a day, a beautiful, sunny, warm breezed day. Running of to major meetings now....enjoy the day :)


b-ball, braha's and accessories

All photos: ME
The Little Black List began strictly as a fashion blog but, as time passes and I give little snip its of information about my more personal life the LBL has the ability to focus not only on clothing and accessories but also on some other very important things in my life. If you're one of my readers who checks in regularly you may have seen the name Braha a few times, firstly because I am friends with all 3 of the men, and the lil sister, one of my closest friends (Laura) is dating the eldest. But, the main reason is I have been fortunate to find myself spending more and more time with the family: family dinners, Sunday Funday's filled with Taboo, movies, way to much macaroni and cheese, and SO many re-caps of parties and events from the previous night....Now as an adopted Braha family member (I like to think they've adopted me) I went to watch and support the troop in an outdoor b-ball tournament, and although they didn't win it was a different and interesting way to be with friends, eat nachos and test out my photography skills taking pics of the all the hot guys playing ball, and cutest pug I've ever seen. But of course I couldn't totally leave the fashion out. So there are a few sneak peeks at some of my newest and most adored accessories of the moment: Kenneth Cole watch c/o KC, Vintage rhinestone collar necklace, F21 gold armor ring, and a tiny little slice of my cheetah scarf....



(Vintage dress, VM watch, YSL rings, Vintage necklaces)photo:Serena

Another photo taken in Central Park, by Serena for Spellbound Magazine. Just wanted to say hello, and have a nice weekend everyone. MUAH (big kiss)


young at heart

(Yaya dress, vintage vest, converse high tops)photos Morgan&Serena

I was featured in the first edition of Spellbound Magazine (which caters to younger and happier girls) So Serena, the creative director, writer and photographer of the mag told me "dress cute and act happy". Well, here I am(or was, we shot this about 7 weeks ago) "dressing cute and acting happy" although there might not be a lot of acting going on. It's obvious any chance I get to wear crazy clothes, rock an afro, dance around and have it documented = good time. I haven't posted pics with my new hair style but, I must admit these photos make me a little nostalgic about my skunky 2 tone mane...I suppose I could always go back to it. As for right now I'm sticking with my classic do...will share in a few days. Enjoy the day....T



(Maurie & Eve studded dress, Stollen Bf's hat, Christian Louboutin heels, Vintage necklaces)photos:B
The last but certainly not least look from my Bui-lavry showroom styling. This dress is INSANE, not only did it fit me like a glove, almost as if it was made for me, wink...wink...but the heavy oxidized gold studs are substantial and rock star esk, not to mention asymmetrical so you have to take a second and maybe even third look to see what's really going on, and the "cactus" green is truly unique. So Maurie, Eve...whomever I need to speak with to get this dress permanently in my life....I have many parties, evens and occasions I am dying to wear this to..send it my way prree prreee preeettty pleaaseeee. Happy Monday all, welcome back to the grind.


stars and stripes

(Jeffrey Campbell "american flag litas", BDG jeans, Vintage silk button down, VM watch, vintage rings)photos:Chloe

It's like a disease, this never ending desire and need for a new pair of "litas". And like a drug dealer Jeffrey Campbell seems to always have a new and improved version from the last. I started with black leather, moved on to the multi AND gold glitter, and now AMERICAN FLAG....I couldn't resist!!! But I decided if I was going to purchase these almost clown looking shoes I'd better actually wear them and not let the box acquire dirt and lint under my bed. SO I did. I took them out for a spin, to watch my friend Sally's play and then for dinner and drinks with some friends last night. They are so comfortable (thanks platforms), super light weight (canvas) and draw soooo much attention to your feet! As I was walking down a flight or stairs I overheard a guy saying " i loove america"...With the American Flag on my feet I guess I can say I love America too :) So a question for all my readers, if you're American would you show this much patriotism? And for all my lovely foreign readers, if the "litas" became available with your country's flag, would you wear them???

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