Back to black

(Vintage Crochet dress, F21 bustier underneath, Random slip skirt, Vintage sunglasses, YSL ring, Monserat de Luca bag, J. Campbell clogs, Ornamental things necklace)Photos:Chloe
New York is a city that lives in black clothing, but come summer everyone seems to forget about it. Perhaps its the humidity, the sticky subways or that your body is moist and sweaty most of the time. The prints are bold, the colors are vibrant and black is no where to be seen. I do enjoy wearing bright cheerful garments but its also fun it slip in a random black dress here and there and really mix it up. I almost feel like I'm cheating on summer in some weird way. I bought this crochet dress from a street vendor outside a vintage store in Long Island City for $6.00. (I was sent there to make sure the sculpture for our store was being restored properly, and well I happened to pass a few vintage store so why not stop in?) Its pretty heavy, nice quality and really really see through so I had to figure out a clever way to stay cool, and not run around naked. I used this AMAZING F21 bustier with a super low back to give me shape underneath all that mesh, and a simple slip skirt. I loved the clogs with this outfit bc I felt like it was a slight variation of something my mother would have worn in the 70's...



(H&M dress, Vintage Kimono style dressing jacket, Antique Aquamarine rosary, Yves Saint Laurent heels, Seth and Dashiel des, bracelets)Photos:Lindsey Evans
Laundry day. A. Yes I do my own laundry even though its easier to send it out in New York (I like the way MY detergent smell, its lavender in case you're wondering) and B. YES I actually wore this insane outfit ,heels and all to do it!!! I desperately needed to do my laundry in preparation for the 4th of July. Solely based on the fact that my fav vintage levis cut offs and ultra baggy grey off the shoulder 3/4 sleeve shirt were buried in the pile somewhere. I bought this dress on a total whim stop into h&m . I'm not sure if they got a new design team or re-vamped the old one but this year their "garden collection" is spot on. The fashion forward, femininity, great colors and textures are incredible. This dress is pleated from top to bottom and has the tinniest wire running thru the bottom that creates a tulipy, ballerina tutu type look. I paired it with my new and GORGEOUS Yves Saint Laurent aubergine suede heels, and this crazy 70's vintage kimono style robe. I felt so summery, so bright and cheerful! I'll be starting yoga again in the am, very very early so I'm off to bed. But I have a few crazy outfits in mind to wear and hopefully post in the next few days. Make sure to check in.


Fuck Fear, LOVE

(Vintage Missoni Dress, Vintage sunglasses, Antique Emerald and Diamond ring, Street vendor armor ring DIY to take off the hook, Seth and Dashiel designs bracelets)
After sleeping thru my alarm and leaving D's house a rushing mess, I arrived at my place very very flustered. I showered and got ready as quickly as possible. I pinned my hair back, threw on this vintage Missoni dress, some random silver rings and headed to work. I WAS ON TIME!!!! This is only the second time I've worn this dress and I think that I may have seriously underestimated it. Its effortless, bright and really made me look and feel like I tried. I abs love pieces of clothing that take no time or consideration but somehow look elegant and chic. I'm also a huge fan of Missoni, the 70's crochet that never goes out of style. Shannon kept telling me that my armor ring reminded her of some bizarre mustache and make me pose like that for a picture. I just think its silly. But the ring is actually pretty comfortable. Heading off to meet D for dinner and a movie... Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. T



Chico the dog, yummy food, beers, wine gummies, wooden shoes, big Chloe sunglasses, floral DIY headbands and amazing views...I love the Hamptons.


A walk in the park

(Vintage gold lamme dress, Vintage Elephant Belt, Pocket knife necklace NEW Seth and Dashiel Design, All other Necklaces Seth and Dashiel Designs, Rings YSL, Android Rosegold watch, Vintage Sunglasses)
Alison visited from Canada this week, and this is pretty much what we did...caught up, and laughed our asses off while eating sponge bob sq pants ice cream in the park. This dress was so bright and shiny it drew attention from every angle and every person some looks were a little confused but didn't matter to me...I wore it to dinner with some girls, and then to D's where he formally named it as a trash bag...too bad for him I LOVE IT!!!!! Happy weekend everyone.


Dashiel is GODLIKE

(American Apparel dress, Vintage beaded vest, Gifted United Nude "lo res" shoes, YSL rings, ALL bracelets Seth and Dashiel Designs, F21 stringy necklace, ALL other necklaces Seth and Dashiel designs)
Back to work, after the most relaxing weekend in the Hamps. Its never fun to head back into the office but I had enough down time today to take a few weird random pics in our store, But I have 2 pieces of good news. The first being my amazing brother taught me bits and pieces of html and I now know how to make my photos EXTRA large so IN YO FACE tiny pictures, and 2, I won a contest and will be recieving free clothing from HELLZ BELLS...I love clothes and more than clothes I love freeeeeeee clothes...Amazing. Its really late, and I'm exhausted I'll post more tomorrow, oh and yes I wear spandex dresses to the office...



(DIY Headbands, UO floral onzie, All rings YSL, Balenciaga bag)

Just got back from my perfect weekend in the Hamptons, amazing friends, beautiful weather, an insane house with room for floaters although there weren't any. We spent our time, laying by the pool, bbq-ing, drinking, having breakfast on the terrace over looking the bay and enjoying out time outside the concrete jungle. I was totally relaxed after my mini vacation, till we stepped one foot onto the pavement of New York City. You go to take a fresh breath of air and its pollution, cigarettes, b.o, cabbys honking, sirens blazing, people bumping into you...I felt as if I had lost my animalistic tendencies in the Hamps while basking in the sun, and dressing in multiple florals, but no, the second some teenage kid with a giant h&m bags bumbs into me in passing I remember the sweet anxiety,the steady but quick pace of the place I call home. Going East is great, but the best part of it all, is the contrast once you get home, back to the city.


Its not me, its you

Guess who this shameless little 6 year old loving the camera is??? My dad emailed these to me today and I couldn't help but laugh out loud. I don't know whats worse, my matching floral MC hammer pants and jacket, the lack of shoes, my home-made blunt cut bangs or the fact that in 19 years I haven't really changed... Ray-Bans , and load of accessories...yup go back and take a look tons of rings and bracelets, and MC Hammer pants, STILL to be found in my closet. I think I need to try and replicate this exact look. For pure comedy at the very least.

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