Yellow Dog Tee

(Nantucket T-shirt, Vintage old mans pants, Chloe Sunglasses, Mom's sterling cuff, YSL rings, Rhinestone necklace...from beacons closet, Balenciaga Bag, Gold Armor ring Street Vendor ) Photos: Lindsey Evans

Literally spent the day walking and eating, started with the perfect most delicious brunch (BIG thanks to Linds for taking me there), and snacked through out the day, last shot with Mr. Softy ice cream...Delicious. Wearing my current favorite pants, they are so comfortable, great color, perfect fit and thrifted so they cost roughly 5 dollars. And my most valuable t-shirt, bought on Nantucket by D, on our first trip together, he has a matching tee (NO WE DO NOT WEAR THEM TOGETHER). Notice the rhinestone necklace that I drunkenly purchased at Beacons Closet after the beer gardens. And what I consider the best signage in NY, I cant afford to love ny, and Ignorance is not bliss...yes sir


Almost Sunny

(Mom's slip dress, J.Simpson "dany", Street vendor knuckle ring, Random peace sign ring, Essie "poor little rich girl" nail color)

New York has done it again...Gave us 3 of the most beautiful days in a row only to get our hopes up that Spring had finally arrived, then pouring rain. I know you can't tell from the photos but it is raining and cold outside!! I refuse to give in. I'm wearing a peach slip dress lots of rings, no tights and really tall shoes. I clearly wont be leaving the house in this but regardless I'm happy to roam around my apt. drinking coffee and hanging with Al. Fingers crossed the weather here will soon take a turn for the better and I can wear something similar OUTSIDE...


BK beer

(YSL ring, Random bracelets, Vintage dress)
Had such an amazing day! Brunch with D, and our 2 sidekick couples (D's best friends and their girlfriends) at the boathouse...Some how every time the 6 of us get together we end up with some crazy master plan that no one ever says no to, like booking a flight to Chicago in an hour, and actually making it (the airport is approximately 35 mins away), plus time to pack, check in and get to the gate....Anyway today was no different. We decided to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, and cab it to the BK brewery. Yes all 4 of those beers are MINE! We played blackjack as a drinking game, built houses out of the cards, stumbled over to Beacon's closet for a quick buzzed thrift session (I got a rhinestone necklace) and eventually came home to nap. Heading out for dinner now...hope everyone enjoyed the day!


Tube sock sleeves

(Vintage Jacket, H&M dress, Target socks, J. Simpson "dany" heels, Vintage bag, Vintage Whiting and Davis cuff, Moms turquoise cuff, YSL ring) Photos:Lindsey Evans

Today was gorgeous. The sun was shining bright all day, the temp was warm but not too hot in the sun. I walked around aimlessly for most of the day with D. We are on the hunt for the perfect windbreaker for him, can't be vintage (breaks my heart), needs to be a single bright color, not too big of a collar and no logos PLEASE HELP ME!!! Ate lunch outside at a coffee shop cleverly named Coffee Shop in Union Square. He went for his first ride of the season on his Ducati...I can only image his gigantic smile, Winter + NY=snow= NO MOTORCYCLE RIDES....Went for an evening stroll with Linds around Gramercy where we gossiped and took some pics. I'm actually in love with this dress, its short but not too short and the sleeves really mimic tube socks! It's so lovely in New York this time year, the streets are full of smiling people, the clothes are fun and vibrant and evening strolls with your best friend are warm and perfect.


Photo Diary

A few images in or around my apartment in New York. Spring has come at least for a few days, and I've some how managed to catch a cold. Regardless I'm gearing up and running around, just having to take some serious power naps in between activities. I walked to not one but 2 LF's today in search for a few pairs of sale shoes left in my size, no dice. And said hello to some friendly street vendors in soho...its really crazy how much happier everyone is when the weather changes. Took some random photos, and ate dinner with 5 of my girlfriends. Time for bed now, hopefully I can fight off the rest of this cold, because tomorrow is supposed to be even better, YAY...


Bathroom Frenzie

(Vintage jacket with huge bow, American Apparel grey tee, Target tights, YSL stone rings, Bracelets and other Rings and Necklaces Seth and Dashiel designs) Photos:Lindsey Evans

3 things I'm obsessed with but very hesitant to do, red lipstick, milkmaid braids, and huge bows on clothing. So why not try all three at once? I actually really like the end result of the braids and they are perfectly suited for the weather here. (Rainy again), and the jacket is so hilarious that I had to get it. I'm still in love with my YSL rings and I think I've figured out just how to layer them with other pieces without cheapening the look. Although I think I know what the perfect addition would be the circular coral ring from YSL, still it might be a little overwhelming...decisions, decisions. Off now for some of my very much needed morning coffee...


Sequins make me smile

(Vintage sequin shift shirt, American Apparel 2 tone dress, F21 heart sunglasses) Photos:Lindsey Evans

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a serious appreciation and obsession with sequins. Perhaps I'm channelling my inner 90 year old woman, the same woman who wears 6 gigantic cocktail rings at once. Over the years I have obtained a serious collection of vintage sequin pieces, from fitted vests, shift shirts, jackets to super over sized dresses. Every time I go home to San Francisco I pick up a few more (this is NO joke I have a closet just for sequins). Anyway I've decided that I need to stop buying, and storing and start wearing these magnificent pieces of glittery art! So here is number 1. Hope you enjoy.


SPRING IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Givenchy Studded flats)
Spring is here and I couldn't be happier... D got me these Givenchy nude, gold studded flats and they are not only GORGEOUS but so comfortable! I loved them so much I had to blog them before even wearing them outside!

Rico red

(American Apparel tank, La Perla bra, F21 skirt, Random gold gladiator jellies, Chloe sunglasses, Mom's vintage bag, YSl rings, Seth and Dashiel Design bracelets and Necklaces)Photos:Lindsey Evans

Rainy day number 1 in PR, we ran around the hotel and taking pictures where ever possible. There seemed to be endless cool surrounding that enabled me to roll around posing like I'm some sort of Giselle (I KNOW I'M NOT). After our photo sess, we went to a local restaurant and ate and drank and laughed the day away. Rice and beans are no longer friends of mine!!! But I have learned to love and depend on sweet plantains...My jellies which I randomly threw in my suitcase last minute were the PERFECT choice for most of the trip, comfy, lightweight, Gold and ofcorse WATER PROOF...unlike my hair. Notice my pony tail? Sort of resembles frizzy ramen noddles.

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