BK beer

(YSL ring, Random bracelets, Vintage dress)
Had such an amazing day! Brunch with D, and our 2 sidekick couples (D's best friends and their girlfriends) at the boathouse...Some how every time the 6 of us get together we end up with some crazy master plan that no one ever says no to, like booking a flight to Chicago in an hour, and actually making it (the airport is approximately 35 mins away), plus time to pack, check in and get to the gate....Anyway today was no different. We decided to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, and cab it to the BK brewery. Yes all 4 of those beers are MINE! We played blackjack as a drinking game, built houses out of the cards, stumbled over to Beacon's closet for a quick buzzed thrift session (I got a rhinestone necklace) and eventually came home to nap. Heading out for dinner now...hope everyone enjoyed the day!

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