Old vs. New

Vintage photo of me vs. Current photo...where does the time go????


Lovely Day

(Ralph Lauren sweater (stolen from D), J-brand jeans, F21 patent oxfords, DIY headband, Ray ban Sunnies, Mom's vintage embossed sac, Antique snake ring)

I didn't make it to the zoo, but I did make it to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, just in time to see the cherry blossoms blooming. It was incredibly beautiful, relaxing and such a calm lovely experience. The rain has come again so I'm just hanging at home, catching up on some of my fav blogs and watching really bad reality tv with D. While browsing online I came to realize I have such an eclectic mix of vintage, antique, new, used etc jewelry and sequins that I see to neglect and it is today, April 25th that I have decided I need to start wearing it. PICTURES to come. Happy Sunday everyone.


Kelly Taylor Outfit

(Ray ban sunglasses, Vintage mini back pack and Levi shorts, F21 shirt, Cross and Indian necklaces F21) Photos: C. Pratt


Sequins, Skulls and Roosters

(Vintage Red sequin jacket ,Louis Vuitton Bag, F21 Cotton dress, Chanel Flats, F21 Cross ring and necklace, Antique snake ring, Tom Ford sunglasses)

Spent the day running around with Alison. I've been dying to wear this light weight old lady sequin jacket and the weather was finally perfect enough to do so. I've really been into silver jewelry lately which is really strange bc I typically dread it. I'm a little obsessed with my Indian style necklace. And better pics are to come. We walked by a fence in China town where some clever person shoved colored cups into the holes to create animals. And apparently I liked it so much I had to do some serious ballet posing. Anyway I'm supposed to go to the zoo tomorrow, so everyone cross your fingers that the rain goes away.


Cold again

(Vintage sweater dress, Target tights, F21 oxfords) Photos:Dashiel Pare-Mayer

The weather has gotten cold yet again. Just when we all thought we could store our sweaters, tights and most importantly our coats!!! Mother nature has tricked us again! Its ok though, just gives me a little more time to find all of my key pieces for spring. I'm enjoying my time with Craigy. Going to the Queens Zoo later this week. Will def post pics. Happy Monday...T


Criss Cross

(F21 Double finger ring x2, Antique YG and Diamond cocktail ring, Essie Bahama Mama nail polish)

Got my hair cut, WAY TOO SHORT!!! Not so happy with the result, luckily it will grow. I'm spending the day getting ready for Craig to come visit from LA! I couldn't be more excited. The next week is going to be a non stop laugh and eating fest. (just like when I stayed in LA with him) Only this time its on my turf! LOOK out ny, Craigy is coming!



(H&M garden collection jacket, Vintage jeans and bag, Rolex watch, Stolen Boyfriend's wife beater, Red Sparkly Sunglasses)
I spent the day running around all over the city looking for key pieces for my spring wardrobe, Picked up 2 new pairs of shoes, sort of a wedge clog meets Dr. Scholls, and some other very neutral heels perfect for dressing up all my weird vintage floral dresses. (photos to come) I got stopped and snapped for Tweetmystyle.com, its the editor of glamour magazines new project... check it out...http://tweetmystyle.com/view.php?id=dhycy47


Whiskey, enough said

I went to a b-day party last night, figured out how to take black and white photos on my new camera. You cant really see my outfit, I was in a whiskey haze last night. D took the pictures of me in the cab on our way home, I took the others. Lots of bracelets and cocktail rings (very standard for me) and wore thigh high socks with little lace up booties. You can also get a glimpse of how my man dresses, perfectly tailored and classic with just a slight flare ...I'm sure everything he's wearing is purple label or double RRL. (opposites truly attract). Staying in tonight to recover from the last. Will post more tomorrow.


Spring Hit List

Every season I make a hit list. Ridiculous I know, but aim for the stars, and this season the stars happen to be silk sparrow dresses and heels from Miu Miu, Floral Sunglasses from Erdem in collaboration with Cutler and Gross, A GIGANTIC Classic Chanel, as many YSL cocktail rings as I have fingers, Jelly Givenchy Gladdies,and LIKE EVERY SEASON a man's vintage Rolex..Fingers crossed! Wish me luck ;)


Blue Lace

(Dress, Booties Vintage, F21 necklace, random bracelets) Photos:Dashiel Pare-Mayer

Spend Easter with D and his parents. It was the perfect day...82 degrees, extended delicious brunch at Fig and Olive, a walk through Central Park, and a petite snuggle session while listening to a man play 2 trumpets at Columbus Circle.



Alexis my niece easter egg hunting last year. Photos: Dashiel Pare-Mayer
Happy Easter everyone

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