I'm a 25 year old San Franciscan Native residing in New York city. A true Scorpio by nature (yes I believe in all that astrology jazz) I am passionate, smart, a bit sneaky but mostly loyal and a believer in true love. I have a sharp wit and even quicker tongue. I like to wear vintage clothing from thrift stores, not vintage stores (and typically don't wash before wearing). I've spent the last sh*t ...6 years travelling, moving, shopping and falling in and out of love. Lived in Paris, Arachon, Morocco, San Francisco, New York, back to San Francisco and ending things in NEW YORK CITY. Through all my travels, boyfriends, learning experiences , growth and heartache one thing has sustained time and that is my enthusiasm and interest in fashion. I've realized this when I use outfits, shoes, accessories in reference to pin point a very specific time in my life. My fashion is most definitely a reflection of my current surroundings with the essence of my mother (a beautiful hippie from the Haight Ashbury living in the Napa Valley driving a Jaguar... Diamonds and turquoise is quite the combination). I live and breathe in every moment that I can wear something outragous and through this blog I will document it. Hope you enjoy.

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