Happy New Year

(Vintage gown, Christian Louboutin "love" heels)
Wishing everyone all the happiness, heath, love, lust and luck in the new year...



(T-shirt, cardigan,leather backpack, little boy pants all vintage, Topshop Booties, Streets ahead belt, forever21 sunglasses)
Photos:Dashiel Pare-Mayer


(Vintage purple and white dress, eBay find gold spiked bracelet)
Photos:Dashiel Pare-Mayer



(Sequin shirt, Hat vintage, vintage buttons on hat personalized, Jean shorts Levis, Wood cuff souk find in Marrakech, Tigers eye hamsa bracelet A.v Maxx )
Conventional good looks can be deceiving...she can easily be typecast as the homecoming queen... green eyes, blonde hair and a Barbie dolls body. But this couldn't be further from the truth. Lindsey is quite the distinctive person...she guzzles patron, sings on key to Amy Winehouse, designs jewelry for DY ...oh and somehow manages to humiliate me every year on her birthday. Shall we begin with 2 years ago? Linds managed to take her chocolate cake, no her very dark chocolate cake with dark choc frosting and actually slam it in my face(keep in mind I met her about 5 hours previous) this erupted the first and only food fight I have ever been in to this day. Fast-forward to her next bday, I wore a sequin skirt pulled up and belted as a dress...Linds thought it would be funny to pants me in the middle of a packed club. My reaction time clearly slowed due to alcohol ensured a vast amount of viewers. Her bday is coming up and I'm mentally preparing for it. But regardless she is my Best friend, roommate, photographer and a total Beauty.


Christmas in California

Heading home to San Francisco for the holidays...
Just finished packing to go home to California for the holidays. When taking a glance at my suitcase it almost appears to be a psychedelic trip through the decades. Beaded headbands to wear across my forehead, enamel animal bangles (including giraffes and white tigers), studded cuffs, large Celtic cross necklaces, sunglasses that only Jon Lennon or a beat neck would feel comfortable wearing, rhinestone neckalces, onyx and diamond earrings, and vintage clothing galore. Brought along my holga to take photos of my niece...and document the thrifting extravaganza that I'm euphorically about to embark on


Mom would be Proud

Ive been watching an insane amount of classic gangster movies with my bf lately, (Donnie Brasco, Casino, Scarface, Goodfellas etc) I think its due to the extreme weather thats been taking place in NY. Its ironic that we get all snuggled up, wrapping our bodies around eachother, cashmere blankets drapped over and around us while we watch people breaking laws, dealing drugs and beating eachother brutally to death. Regardless of all the blood, guts and I guess some glory, Ive learned to appreciate 2 things, first I now can identify where my bf's lingo comes from example... "wid em" and, Ive found my 2 leading ladies. These women train wrecks and all bc thats exactly what they are... are incredible. Their hair, their fur coats and backless gowns, the ostentatious jewelry, the long nails, huge sunglasses and extreme make up...spectacular...


Tribute to Flea

My Friend Isaac is such an incredible photographer. Captures all the weirdness and color in everyday normal things in such an abstract way. Also makes a mean whiskey on the rocks. Miss you b


Gato Negro

(Vintage denim onzie with gold embroidery, Seth and Dashiel Designs gold bullet necklace, h&m bra, kenneth jay lane giraffe bracelet)
What do you do when there's a random blizzard and you feel trapped in doors??? Well in my incarcerated little state of mind, I put on a denim jumpsuit and roll around. I'm not exactly sure why or how my jumpsuit got ripped open, I think the cabin fever makes us all a little crazy.


Holey war

(personalized vintage sweater, theory leggings, forever 21 lace up booties, forever21 gold elephant necklace, seth and dashiel design gold bracelets, dad's antique jade picture stone cuff, antique yellow gold and diamond ring, antique smokey topaz, forever21 gold band, antique turquoise and diamond ring)

The process of revamping my fall-winter wardrobe has begun, this year I'm drawn men's sweaters (which I casually steal...um I mean borrow from my boyfriends closet), baggy oversized blazers and jackets from I believe the late 80's or early 90's, shredded tights, thigh high cable knit socks, booties in every height, shape and style, fur coats, riding boots etc..
I bought this old man sweater at the salvation army (the guy who works there knows and loves me, and I'm not embarrassed to say it!!!) I haggled it down to about $2.00, then took it home and proceeded to rip the sh*t out of it. In my mind its perfection, almost looks like its deteriorating off my body. However my boyfriend seems to think differently calling me a jipster (jewish gypsy hipster). I paired it with theory leggings, lace up booties, tons of rings (in my mind the more the merrier) and Goth lipstick and I almost feel a bit glamorous.

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