Mom would be Proud

Ive been watching an insane amount of classic gangster movies with my bf lately, (Donnie Brasco, Casino, Scarface, Goodfellas etc) I think its due to the extreme weather thats been taking place in NY. Its ironic that we get all snuggled up, wrapping our bodies around eachother, cashmere blankets drapped over and around us while we watch people breaking laws, dealing drugs and beating eachother brutally to death. Regardless of all the blood, guts and I guess some glory, Ive learned to appreciate 2 things, first I now can identify where my bf's lingo comes from example... "wid em" and, Ive found my 2 leading ladies. These women train wrecks and all bc thats exactly what they are... are incredible. Their hair, their fur coats and backless gowns, the ostentatious jewelry, the long nails, huge sunglasses and extreme make up...spectacular...

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