tic. tac. toe-less booties...

(sterling silver and rhinestone headband seth and dashiel designs, vintage lace blouse,jeffrey campbell for lf tac booties, gold bracelets seth and dashiel designs , black leather spiked cuff astor place street vendor, antique yellow gold and diamond ring, gold owl ring forever 21,antique diamond and saphire stacking rings, random mens style watch.)

I spend every Thanksgiving with my "other family" in the Hamptons, my best friend Erin, Harrison her son (my godson) and the rest of her crazy family (which includes about 25 people , only immediate members). We have the typical massive feast, go around the table saying our thanks, play games, sing, dance and eventually relax by the fire drinking and talking.
I wore these booties thinking they were so creative, fun and funky. I think the use of a simple, random house hold object like tacks to create texture and dimension is quite clever. And I can never have enough ankle booties. On my way to the LIRR (long island railroad) I found myself stuck in the midst of the Thanksgiving day parade. That f*cking parade, 6 Avenues surrounding Penn Station blocked off, the masses of people (ONLY tourists that would evidently only stand right where I needed to pass) starring up into the sky as if God was calling to them...no its just Charlie Brown filled with hot air, police men and women directing you only in the longest and most incorrect route possible. Needless to say this journey took far longer than expected with the tacks of my booties scratching the pavement the entire time. When I finally reached the station I found I had missed the train by a mere 3 mins, and they next would arrive in 3 hours....not so amazing. Being a New Yorker (in my own mind I believe that) I quickly found an ulterior form of transportation in the shape of the Jitney (sometimes referred to as the Shitney). Back to the booties...when I finally took my seat I looked down at my poor little drained feet , only to realize that multiple tacks had fallen off!!! There were bald, black leather spots scattered all over my shoes...This problem was easily solved with 4 trips to various drug stores, and 1 to a hardware store. Apparently round silver tacks are sold out everywhere on the East side (perhaps other women with these booties had encountered the same problem and sought out the tacks). I finally found and bought 400 extra tacks and now carry them out with me when venturing out in these clever yet dysfunctional little booties.



(Black spagetti strap onzie forever 21, Vintage sunglasses, bracelets and necklace, balenciaga motorcycle bag hidden behind my china town finds in plastic bag, and tmobile sidekick...yes sidekick.)

I found this picture buried in a deep dark place in my computer. My friend Isaac took the picture in China town in the middle of a NY summer, the heat and humidity was almost unbearable i.e. why I'm wearing one garment of clothing and a super high bun...at the time, actually every time its summer in the city the weather seems excruciating , thick air, frizzy hair, salty and sweaty. Although now as the temperature begins to drop the nostalgia of summer dresses, woven bags, picnics in Central Park and bikinis on the beach starts to set in...


I should start by telling a little bit about myself. I'm a 25 year old San Franciscan Native residing in New York city. A true Scorpio by nature (yes I believe in all that astrology jazz) I am passionate, smart, a bit sneaky but mostly loyal and a believer in true love. I have a sharp wit and even quicker tongue. I like to wear vintage clothing from thrift stores, not vintage stores (and typically don't wash before wearing). I've spent the last sh*t ...6 years travelling, moving, shopping and falling in and out of love. Lived in Paris, Arachon, Morocco, San Francisco, New York, back to San Francisco and ending things in NEW YORK CITY. Through all my travels, boyfriends, learning experiences , growth and heartache one thing has sustained time and that is my enthusiasm and interest in fashion. I've realized this when I use outfits, shoes, accessories in reference to pin point a very specific time in my life. My fashion is most definitely a reflection of my current surroundings with the essence of my mother (a beautiful hippie from the Haight Ashbury living in the Napa Valley driving a Jaguar... Diamonds and turquoise is quite the combination). I live and breathe in every moment that I can wear something outragous and through this blog I will document it. Hope you enjoy.

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