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rise and shine

(Vintage sunnies, skirt, necklace, F21 jacket &flats Alexander Wang bag, NC sequin tank, YSL rings, Cartier Panther ring)photos:Chloe
Chloe and I woke up a little earlier than normal today to attend a private shopping experience at the brand new, unopened flagship Aritzia store in SOHO.(here is the outfit I wore, photos of the store and event soon). We were greeted by an impeccably dressed and smiling staff of people. The store and experience were undeniably perfection from the espresso based coffee bar, meticulous organization layout of the store(it was previously GAP, couldn't even recognize it) , the ever so calming lighting, sculptures and artwork, and of course an abundance of clothing I couldn't imagine living my life without. I left Aritzia with a few key garments, perfect for an upcoming Summer vacation that I'm in desperate need of, and the dream that every shopping experience could be like the one today.



(All clothing and accessories FENDI)
As a child I spent a significant amount of time playing "dress up". And because I had a very fashionable yet hippie mother my costumes were never limited to pink or princess dresses. I would dress like a hippie, 60's mod-almost Edie Sedwick esk, or even a beat-neck wearing all black clothing- jeans included, a beret tilted to one side, tiny circular glasses similar to what John Lennon would wear and I would go as far as coloring the end of a white crayon red to simulate a cigarette. Although I enjoy wearing outrageous clothing still (sequins galore) I'm not sure if my time doing so can be categorized as "playing dress up". But when you are offered the chance to play at FENDI...you do it!!! So I did. I tried on, twirled & danced around, and acted like the Fendi showroom was my personal closet. Here's a little sneak peak at the astonishing garments and goods that Fendi has to offer in seasons to come.


orange you glad its summer?

(H&M shirt and skirt, United Nude Sandals, Vintage bag, Prada sunnies, F21 necklace worn as headband, Cartier panther ring, F21 gold band, CC skye leather screw cuff, Vintage mix bracelets)photos:Chloe

Although the heat waves that New York encounters are a bit frustrating at times, I mean sweating, having your hair frizz up from the humidity, feeling the need to shower multiple times a day, becoming a little slippery from your lotion melting away, it all seems worth it for the summer glow, ability to show some skin, beach and pool trips, and bright new colors that are deemed inappropriate in previous months. I'm not typically a huge fan of orange, but this sherbet tone drew me in immediately. And with the low price tag of 12.00 there was no question it was coming home with me. Of course I stacked on the gold, bracelets, rings and this simple long F21 necklace that I wrapped around and wore as a head piece. Although I wore this as a "day time" look I think it could easily be transitioned into the night with some neutral platformed heels. I actually have a specific pair of in mind that I came across at Intermix a few days go, luckily for me I have a meeting with my girl Federica over at, dare I say it....Fendi. To see, shoot and critique the new collection, so maybe I can finagle the shoes....ahhhh wish me luck and have a nice weekend everyone.




in the streets

(Prada Sunnies, NC tank, Vintage rhinestone collar necklace, DIY cut-offs, F21 sandals, Vintage Bag, YSL rings)photos:Akiko

This outfit can be qualified as my "uniform" of the summer. Super short DIY cut-offs that were originally little boy jeans (they fit my waist perfectly), a flowey floral tank, hair puled back, Prada runway sunnies, over sized floral, lightweight bag, and sandals of some sort. This shot was taken by a Japanese photographer on my way to a fitting at Louis Vuitton (custom made shorts-they're epic and photos to come), followed by a meeting with my first and only employee Miss Shirley- who will soon be photographed and put on the blog ;) It was so spontaneous and unexpected and has now been featured on not 1 but 2 sites including Japanese Vogue. So a very big thank you to Akiko, who so politely asked and took my photo. See both features HERE and HERE


multiple patterns

(NC shirt, F21 skirt, H&M scarf worn as turban, F21 sandals, Vintage Brooch)photos:G

I love the idea of wearing numerous colors, textures and patterns all at the same time. Especially when they conflict with one and other. I tired the look out with 2 floral pieces, in various shades of blue and a super sized cheetah scarf that I wrapped as a turban and pinned with a vintage brooch. I like the end result and have styled a few other outfits with the same concept but pushing the patterns and colors a little further. Its hot as sh*t out so I need to run and grab an iced coffee asap....enjoy the heat everyone.



(NC tank, Vintage DIY cutoff shorts, American Flag converse, Mexican street vendor bag, cc skye leather cuff, street vendor panther cuff, Cartier panther ring, cc skye ring)photos:RB<3

I spent the weekend partially stranded (thanks to the broken down L train) in Brooklyn. In the moment I was a little frustrated and bewildered, but after many hours spent walking around, and discovering new and interesting things in my hood, I realize it was a blessing in disguise. I found new untapped thrift stores, bought a pleated, peacock patterned moo-moo, drank excessive iced organic coffee, stocked my fridge with fresh fruit, veggies and other healthy goods, and attended what I consider my new fav bar, 80's 90's dance music, flailing hipsters and $6- beers....Thank you L train.... Happy Monday all.

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