birthday girl

illustration by morgan foote

It's my birthday today, moving day and Halloween weekend. Have fun, be safe and see you Monday. Kisses


bronx zoo

(Vintage jacket, Tucker for Target blouse, Uniqlo jeans, Vintage Shoes, Ralph Lauren Sunnies, Vintage Louis Vuitton)

Still obsessing over the tucker for target line. The vibrant colors, and bold prints are so beautiful and like always, simply effortless. Spent the day at the bronx zoo admiring all the beautiful animals, textures, colors, and life styles. Doing so I realized that my love for giraffes is deeper routed than I thought. The way they eat while pouting their lips, batting their eye lashing in the most flirtatious way, AND there were 2 giraffes we caught in a tender embrace. AWWWWW


corridor 40

Corridor40.com just posted their stalky of the week. And well...its me...There's a Q&A with The little black list, pictures galore. Check it out at http://www.corridor40.com/2010/10/we-are-stalking/we-are-stalking-tess-pare-mayer-of-the-little-black-list and all their other amazingness out at http://www.corridor40.com/
Thanks again corridor40 for the lovely words, very flattered.

lucky dress

(Vintage Dress, Yves Saint Laurent heels, Fendi bag, YSL rings, Virgin Mary watch, Antique Bracelets)Photos:Brandon
My final look from the Swagger III shoots. I've posted this exact outfit before sometime in the summer, but hey if it isn't broken why fix it? I love the various shades of purple, the effortless sexiness and femininity of the cut of the dress, the ostentatious sequin bag. Plus I've had nothing but fantastic adventures in this dress...a moment of silence to the men of my summer...Happy Monday all.



(Vintage Dress, Top shop booties, J Campbell "lita" lace up boots, Seth and Dashiel Design bracelets, All rings Antique, Hat-DOORMAN'S)Photos:Quoc
My love for giant vintage sequin shift dresses and bulky black booties all in one. I know that some people are apprehensive to wear things of this nature but my advice to you is start by wearing more demur pieces. Yes demur sequins, lol. Try an all black shift, or jacket layered over a basic white t-shirt with jeans. As you get more adventurous try brighter colors, patterns or even over sized bags like the one I am wearing. This in fact is not my doorman, but he was friendly enough to let Quoc and me run in and out of this super fancy schmancy building across the street from Gramercy Park, wear his f*cking awesome hat, and even pose for a few snaps. I'm mentally and physically preparing for my big move in one week, which coincidentally is my 26th bday as well. I couldn't think of a better present, a new apartment...woo hoo.
Like always have a great weekend. Be kind, and see you Monday.



(Vintage Shirt, Shorts and belt, Target socks, Iris Van Herpen x United Nude "iris" shoes, courtesy of United Nude)Photos:Chloe

I'm not sure what look I'm going for today. Cowgirl, Rocker,Vintage, Gaga esk??? But all I can tell you is I'm incredibly comfortable in these ultra over sized, baggy leather shorts. And I'm in love with these shoes!!! The double sided, two tone leather detailing on them is meticulous and perfect. Walking was a little shaky in the beginning but after a few strides I got it down solid. I almost wish I was going to be lady gaga for Halloween, wouldn't these be perfect.



(Vintage tunic, Vintage cameo, F21 Bird, F21 Floral heels, Seth and Dashiel Designs gold bracelets, Mom's Silver and turquoise, Virgin Mary watch, obsessed)

My Third outfit from the III video shoot with Swagger. Click on the video on my site or their own to hear what I have to say about it. Basically anything sheer or see through, peach colored, beaded and with scalloped edges I'm obsessed with. I actually stacked on the jewelry exceptionally heavy for a dress that already has so much flare but I think it looks really beautiful.



(All saints boots, F21 arabic pants, American Apparel t-shirt, Theory blazer, F21 Jacket, U.O scarf, F21 bird, All other necklaces vintage, Balenciaga bag)Photos:Chole

Let the layering begin. 3/4 sleeve grey t -shirt check, blazer check, jacket check, baggy pants with cashmere leggings underneath check, over sized cozy scarf check. Every winter I layer and layer and layer to ensure my warmth but the difference this year is that I'm going to try to use my creativity to not look like I weigh about 700 pounds. Because typically I do, that and I'm unable to move my arms. LOL. I have an incredibly busy week ahead. Many projects in association with The Little Black list are in the works and I will be so happy to share when the time is right. And I'm moving!!!! Yay one bedroom, No roommates, Beautiful space that is all my own!!!!!
Happy Monday to everyone


barely there

(H&M jacket, American Apparel panties, Vintage Louis Vuitton Bag, Vintage Necklace)Photo x3:Quoc

Yes I know I seem to have forgotten my pants!! This was actually a random quick shot that Quoc took after our 8:00 am shoot. We were in the lobby of my building, avoiding my doorman and any other residents. To me this is a very strong and literal take on the lingerie on the outside look that seems to be so popular right now.
Besides that.............Can you spot the differences in the 3 images? Good luck and have a beautiful weekend all.


Bananas and Boots

(Theory Blazer, Tucker for target dress, Target socks, Vintage sunglasses, Vintage Harley Davidson boots)Photos:Georgie

Grabbing coffee and a banana and having an impromptu photo shoot while wearing another piece from the Tucker for Target go international line. And another current favorite. I know that the line, not only for target but in general credits nature,travelling, national geographic, indian and native american prints for the colorful designs and prints. This dress clearly is no exception. The slightly brighter shade of navy with the geometric pattern could almost be chancy, but on a silk shift dress belted and worn with my legit Harley Davidson motorcycle boots its so easy and playful. I layered it up on this mildly chilly day with one of the best fitting blazers to date, thigh high socks (which I cant get enough of) and stacks of bracelets that aren't really shown so well. Today is a new day and I'm playing with the idea of wearing a tucker blouse my mom just sent me...we shall see what transpires. Now today's mission, finding a birthday dress!!! Wish me luck.

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