Borrowed and abused t-shirt

Here is number 2 of 3 videos for swagggernewyork.com. I'm going to take a moment to say thank you to A. Stern (it was his "borrowed" t-shirt whoops) and fyi I love and am moving to Brooklyn, so looks like the joke is on me...Again make sure you check out Swagger's other III videos and sign up to follow me! Right hand side, Click "follow" and do the necessary steps! And or check me out on LOOKBOOKNU.COM, and STYLEDON.COM I hope everyone is loving fall the way I am, many many new looks to come.


  1. HI Tess,

    I found your blog via chicisimo and loving each and every whimsical post of yours.

    Would love for us to stay in touch via bloglovin or google if you would not mind.

    Please let me know how you;d feel about that.

    Love from Toronto, Canada


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