Au Natural

(H&M dress on sale, Vintage Sweater, Target socks, Ralph Lauren boots, Rings from Left to right: Shark Noir (gifted), Antique Diamond Cocktail, Made her think Talon Knuckle Buster (gifted)Nail polish essie:solemate)Photos:Chloe S.

I bought this dress at H&M on sale...who knew the sh*t there got even cheaper?? But the feminine pleated texture, the petal like tiered layers and the somehow perfect shade of taupe make this dress perfectly effortless to layer, play with, dress up, or down (as I choose to do). The key is adding fun little elements like lilac thigh high socks, cognac riding boots and a very sloppy over sized sweater that would not stay on no matter how much effort was exerted. For any new readers I should let you know that stacks and stack of jewelry are very standard for me. However these rings are very special each in their own way. On the right is the "talon knuckle buster ring" gifted to me by Made her think. Saw a girl wearing it and after minimal googling, a simple email, Here it is ON ME...since receiving it about a week ago, I haven't left home without it!!(available at Bergdorf)I'd also like to note that this is my hair Au natural!!! This is what happens when I shower, with NO time, NO product, NO blow dryer...

Thanks Kristy at Made her think for the ring ;)


  1. omg i love your rings ! and your hair looks so cute :)

  2. those rings are awesome! He likes the wavey hair too...

    -HE approves


  3. BEAUTIFUL. and i am beyond obsessed with the socks and rings

  4. so cute and the socks are the cherry on the cake!

  5. Yep..it's all about the unexpected legs that rock.


  6. That ring is fierce!!!! i love sparkle sweaters. yay

  7. i'm waiting for it to get even cheaper, double discount ftw! :D

  8. Really love your style..you have a great blog and follow you from now on dear!

  9. Your photos are awesome, so fun! Loving your looks!


  10. So funny! Even without make you look so pretty! Love your blog!


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