(Tucker for target dress, Mom's Peruvian Sweater from the 70's, F21 butterfly necklace, United Nude booties (gifted), Virgin Mary Watch, Ksubi sunnies, Antique bracelets)

Tucker collaborated with Target to design a line for the GO international line. Luckily for me my mom who lives in suburbia, went in snatched up pretty much the entire line the day of release and sent it all to me....I love the fun, vibrant prints and colors. They are almost whimsical. Pairing yet another butterfly dress with my mothers huge, vintage, funky sweater, and open toed black booties added just the contrast I needed not to feel so juvenile and girlie. But of course I had to wear my butterfly necklace, something about over doing, over killing the butterfly theme seems enticing and inevitable to me. One of my best friends and fashion maven partner in crime is coming in from Canada tomorrow, so I have been planning an abundance of crazy sh*t to wear. I hope everyone has an incredible weekend. Make sure to check in Monday to see what went down over the weekend....


  1. So crazy you just posted this. I'm wearing the Tucker for Target black floral dress today hahahaha. Mulberry for Target on Sunday!!!

  2. loveee the butterflies and the shoes ! you look hot !

  3. you skin is perfect. and the dress is just lovely

  4. Amazing as usual!!!

    come to visit my blog!


    The chic attitude

  5. you look great girl! love the shoes and the pics! you pose very well! and I loveee the scenery ahhh I miss NY so much now :(

  6. just came across your blog today for the first time, you have SUCH amazing style! LOVE it!

  7. those peep toe booties are just too cute

  8. that looks so much better as a mini, I'm hemming mine immediately!!


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