(All photos from The Little Black List, some of my favorite accessories, photos, and memories from 2010)

While looking back on my posts from the last year I realize that a lot of changes have occurred; my hair color, job, boyfriend, and even my apartment. I feel very blessed for the direction my life has taken and I'm incredibly happy to have a platform that enables me to share my experiences in fashion and life. I also want to send a special thank you to any and all photographers I've worked with this year, my READERS, to the vendors who have sent me clothing and or accessories, to all the collaborations that I have participated in, and a BIG BIG BIG thanks to FBYHE...you really made a major difference in my little blog!!! I look forward to continue living happily, dressing crazy, collaborating with interesting new people and blogging in the new year. I wish everyone a fun, flirty, provocative and SAFE new years. See you all in 2011 :)


snow princess

(H&M dress, Elie Tahari down coat, Street Vendor Donkey hat, Ralph Lauren boots, Vintage belt)photos:Chloe
As I said yesterday, the city was so peaceful and beautiful. It was like an abandoned winter wonderland covered in snow. The streets were practically empty except for a few other brave souls like myself :) I must admit that the best part of the weather was the temperature. It was very mild which enabled me to wear this long peach, pleaded dress, belted so it didn't drag and get wet and of course some serious shearling lined winter boots. I love the contrast of the softness of the color and texture of my dress and the severity of my boots and jacket. I bought another animal hat because lets face it, when the weather forces you to wear a hat it might as well make you and onlookers smile. I hope everyone is enjoying the winter and is geared up for NYE... I certainly am ;)



(Vintage beaded dress, Miu Miu heels, Vintage rhinestone bracelet, Vintage gold rings, S&D designs gold, and evil eye bracelets, Virgin Mary watch)Photos:Georgie
Christmas has come and gone, and in the midst of preparing for New Years Eve (dress shopping, booking a driver, figuring out who we will lock lips with at the stroke of midnight...Jules for me :) )New York had a crazy, crazy, crazy (yes it deserves 3 crazies) snow storm. Doors are snowed shut, the streets are closed off, the city is deserted. It sooooo fantastic!!!! I can't wait to run outside, frolic in the white fluffy snow, strut my sh*t down normally busy but now abandoned street and take many many pictures to share with you, especially people who don't live in the NY tri-state area!!! As a California native I am never tainted by the inconvenience of snow. I think its beautiful, angelic and makes all of us New Yorkers take a breath and just slow down for a mere moment....


christmas list:

1.hermes collier du chien cuff
2.pamela love talon cuff
3. a weekend away in a woodsy snowed in cabin, blazing fire place, hot coco, movies and a giant bed with cozy flannel sheets and an over sized down comforter
4.s/s christian louboutin mary jane style heels with python detailing on heel
5.cannon 24-70 2.8 lens
6.sperry winter boots with shearling lining

My list this year is short but sweet. And I've been a pretty good girl this year...so we'll have to wait and see what Santa brings for me... I hope everyone has a VERY Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays....



(3.1 Phillip Lim jacket & slacks)photos:A. Stern
THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU HAVE A BADD@SS LENS AND A LEGIT PHOTOGRAPHER!!!! I do look a little sad, but hey if the shoe fits. Jokes... I am soooo impressed with how the photos Aaron took turned out that I have literally been hassling him non stop to take more...I also got the chance to turn the camera on him and not only shoot and become obsessed with his lens, but make him feel mildly uncomfortable in front of the camera, like I always do. Make sure to check back in for more of our collaboration. And check out his site. http://www.amediumformat.com/ he's incredibly talented, not to mention one of my favorite photographers :) Just look at what he created with nothing but a white wall and little old me...



(Lanvin for h&m dress, target tights, Steve Madden booties, Vintage fur)
I am soooo happy I got to wear my GIGANTIC red tulle, monster of a dress. I think my excitement about this dress was wildly appreciated bc a few strangers took impromptu photos as I pranced around the city. And I got many many compliments which was such a nice change from the normal strange looks I've grown accustomed to receiving. I couldn't help but take photos in front of the L.E.D wall of lights at my store. And clearly this dress made me want to dance sing and brought out my inner ballerina :)



Betsey Johnson's American Flag Platforms s/s2011....Austin Power Chic....You will undoubtedly be seeing me wearing these animals!


holiday preview

Here's another little sneak preview of my "holiday feature" with styledon.com... Obviously I'm loving all of the sequins, rhinestones, Iris Van Herpen X United Nude booties. Out to finish my last minute Christmas shopping and shoot some crazy looks with one of my fav guys Aaron of www.amediumformat.com Happy Friday...


shes always a woman to me

(Vintage sweater with DIY cut 80's style,Alexander Wang duffel , Vintage old man pants, miu miu shoes (too drunk to capture) F21 butterfly, Vintage Mermaid necklace, Winnie name plate necklace, YSL ring)
This is what it's come to, snapping pictures of myself in dimly lit pink toned bathrooms while heavily under the influence of multiple types of alcohol. FML. This sweater is one of my current favorites. Its the perfect mixture of cream, apple and mint green, thick enough to block my poor skin against the harsh New York Winds, but cozy enough to wear out and about. Since I'm required to wear gloves now I'm skipping the rings and have gotten back into layering multiple necklaces (most that you wouldn't think to put together) like mermaids, butterflies etc. I love re-visiting old garments and accessories that you've had for a long time but have maybe benched for a season or two....wearing and piecing them together in new and different ways. Like a fun little trip down memory lane. I'm so excited for the next few days, I will be shooting with a few incredible photographers!! Check back in to seeeeeee



Crazy colors, over the top accessories, no jackets and or winter weather...YES PLEASE


Announcing the official launch of Shop Tess' Closet...




horsing around

(Vintage sweater, Horse beanie from st vendor, f21 butterfly, vintage mermaid, S&D Designs"winnie")
A quick little post wearing one of my new, warm, cozy, and sooooo silly winter hats. ALSO a glimpse of my golden locks. Totally blonde! Hope everyone is having a nice weekend. :)


too early for pants

(Vintage jacket, J. Campbell "litas", f21 rhinestone bird, antique rhinestone necklace, ALL BRACELETS SETH AND DASHIEL DESIGNS- will be available to purchase on Shop Tess' Closet soooo sooon)photos:Quoc
Sadly these are the last photos from the series of 8 am shoots I did with Quoc (pre hair dying job obviously). And funny enough I forgot my pants. I did however remember super tall boots, stacks and stack of bracelets, and not one but 2 rhinestone necklaces. Let's just blame it on the lack of sleep...This is one of my favorite places in New York to shoot, you might have noticed a few other posts in the same doorway. Its rustic, broken down, tattered and so perfectly executed that you know it has to be intentional, and surely it is...an architect (clever little shit). Regardless the temperature has dropped so much in NY that I desperately long for the days when the weather will allow me to forget my pants again! Also the D tattoo on my right wrist is for my brother Dashiel, photographer, amazing father, eh alright brother ha ha ha and my right hand man, HI D!!!!
A little note: I receive lots of emails asking where I get my jewelry, vintage and new and my clothing... and I want to share it all with you. So starting Monday December the 13th you will be able to not only see but purchase pieces from my own personal collection. Each item holds a very special spot not only in my closet but also in my heart, most items come from strange, unexpected places and I want them to go to new, happy homes and be worn in good health. Happy Shopping Everyone. www.shopthelittleblacklist.com


5th ave

(F21 skirt, Vintage fur, Alexander Wang duffel, Vintage Ralph Lauren sweater (stolen from d), Ksubi sunglasses, YSL rings)

I did exactly as I said I would do this weekend. I spent the days running around 5th and Madison avenue, shopping, eating greasy breakfast food, buying over priced shoes that miraculously were on sale :), adding to my collection of Yves Saint Laurant rings, trying on funny animal hats from street vendors, scooping up Christmas presents for family and friends, getting a seriously needed massage at exhale, and enjoying all of the pre-holiday, decorations and festivities. OH I also had my hair dyed again and this time I AM BLONDE!!!(pic to come) On another I would like to announce the winner of my Just Jamie Scarf give-away..... Miss Ruby Steingold!!!!! Congrats shoot me an email with your mailing address and you should receive your scarf asap....Thank you to everyone who participating..there will be more give-aways to come!!

PS. BIG NEWSSSS, My web store "Shop Tess' Closet" is almost finished so soon enough you will be able to buy some of my very fav pieces right out of my closet :)

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