shes always a woman to me

(Vintage sweater with DIY cut 80's style,Alexander Wang duffel , Vintage old man pants, miu miu shoes (too drunk to capture) F21 butterfly, Vintage Mermaid necklace, Winnie name plate necklace, YSL ring)
This is what it's come to, snapping pictures of myself in dimly lit pink toned bathrooms while heavily under the influence of multiple types of alcohol. FML. This sweater is one of my current favorites. Its the perfect mixture of cream, apple and mint green, thick enough to block my poor skin against the harsh New York Winds, but cozy enough to wear out and about. Since I'm required to wear gloves now I'm skipping the rings and have gotten back into layering multiple necklaces (most that you wouldn't think to put together) like mermaids, butterflies etc. I love re-visiting old garments and accessories that you've had for a long time but have maybe benched for a season or two....wearing and piecing them together in new and different ways. Like a fun little trip down memory lane. I'm so excited for the next few days, I will be shooting with a few incredible photographers!! Check back in to seeeeeee


  1. I just found your blog and I LOVE IT.
    You are so beautiful with such a great sense of style and I'm so jealous of your vintage clothes.
    Good luck to your shop.

  2. Great pics your blog rocks so much babe, you're so stylish.

    Visit my blog if you want: www.collagevintage.com


  3. You and drunk reminds me of a bottle of Jager a pizza and San Fran

  4. nice pics !!!
    lovely !!!


  5. What a setting! ;)



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