Pink Laces Part 1

(Bag, Jacket, Boots (I added the pink sparley laces), Nightgown cut and sewn into blouse all VINTAGE, F21 jeans with homemade rips and tears, Rings YSL) Photos:Lindsey Evans

I spent the day running around the city having an incredible time. I'm heading to Puerto Rico for a quick get away for my best girls bday and we spent the beginning of the afternoon searching for new summer apparel for our vacation. The weather was so beautiful, crisp and cold but just warm enough to leave your coat open. My outfit today excluding my jeans, was all vintage. My jacket is literally deteriorating off of me due to moths, I believe my bag was previously owned by a 90year old woman lol, and my boots are old, beat up and worn in just the way I like them. I did however add pink sparkly laces to make them a tid bit more Tess...Later in the evening we manged (aka ate) with my boyfriend, Darren yup I said it out loud... and some friends. We drank wine, ate delicious food and laughed hysterically with, at and about each other (pictures will come at a later date). I'm starting to sense the shift in the weather although it could just be New York deceiving me, either way it was the perfect day....


When the F*ck is Spring again????

(Grey U.O tank, Vintage little kids trousers-worn as high waisted, Target socks, J. Simpson "dany" wood wedges) Photos:Lindsey Evans
I'm trying to be patient, and yes I love staying in, transitioning from the bed to the couch back to the bed with my boyfriend (he does smell ever so delicious). BUT this weather has become ridiculous!! I want to wear this outfit and not in my apt. I'm ready willing and able to run around the city in my spring attire. Please let the sun shine, let the snow melt and let me wear my new fantastic shoes!!! PS if you want them don't search on the Internet, it's hopeless. Find your local Macy's or David Z and go in. Otherwise you may be stuck with the wretched pewter color, yuck!



1. Gold Jewelry: Frog ring (gift on Valentines day 09), Seth and Dashiel Des. lion and chain link bracelet, Whiting and Davis amber stone cuff, Casio digital watch, Seth and Dashiel Des. bangles, Studded cuff SF street buy, Winnie (my pup) necklace, B&S monogram necklace (for my mom and dad)
2. Frog ring, He's so perfect...gigantic, bejeweled and has a smile from ear to ear.
3. Whiting and Davis amber stone cuff. Its gigantic and looks like armor. Now a bit of history, in fact Whiting and Davis used to make armor, then created incredible, intricate jewelry, currently creating evening bags out of mesh.
4. Casio digital watch, Seth and Dashiel Des. bangles, Studded cuff SF street buy, Winnie (my pup) necklace, B&S monogram necklace


Books and such

(Jeffrey Campbell clogs, target tights, U.O floral skirt, F21 corset, Vintage Cardigan) Photos:Lindsey Evans

The weather has gotten even worse than rain, worse than snow because now its thick wet rainy snow...yes rainy snow. I left the apt for a little bit today for hot coco and an ice cream sunday (no joke) with a friend at Max Brenner, a quick and worthless F21 stop, and a quick smoke break with Al.... besides my few hours out and about and no real need to leave the apt again other than to grab some snacks I changed into what I wish I could be wearing and did a quick photo session. I have to say I don't take myself too seriously and which is why these pictures are quite ironic, and also I don't usually smile or laugh in photographs, so when Linds caught me off guard and I actually liked the pic it was def being posted. Hope everyone enjoyed the day as much as I did my hot coco...hmmmmmm


DWELL on this...

Congrats to my big brother and amazing sister in law, hard work does pay off...



(F21 earrings that broke shortly after this photograph FML, bustier, skirt) Photos:Dashiel Pare-Mayer
Spring is coming...I can feel it. The snow has begun to melt, temperature is warming up a bit, and now the rain has come. My favorite thing to do on a rainy day is stay inside, watch movies, order in, and drink lots and lots of coffee, however its wed and in NY on wed my favorite vintage store is 50% off (yes even thrift stores have sales). Calling my vintage partner in crime RR, and planning on wiping them out...Ill shoot any great finds. Stay dry...


Tattoos aren't always forever

(Wrist and forearm temp tattoos from summer 2007 or 08?? all others Chanel S/10)
3 summers ago I had this obsession with tattoos. I wanted them anywhere and everywhere, full sleeves, shoulders, forearms, wrists, inner and outer ankle...you get the picture. Although I was infatuated with the idea I knew this phase like most for me would probably pass so getting permanently inked didn't seem like the best idea. Luckily for me living in the Lower East side of NYC I had a tienda aka Spanish style store right down the street. I located their quarter machines and bought about $100 worth of .50 cent tattoos (I still have about 150 left).Some of which were incredible dragons, sailor esk mermaids, huge cobras engulfed in flames others ehhh not so amazing, but that's part of the fun of quarter machines...never knowing what mystery will come out. Needless to say my body was covered in various spots with random tattoos throughout the summer. Now Chanel's S/10 is launching temporary tattoos. And yes although they are quite artistic I find it a little ridiculous to spend an estimated $78- for the effect. My suggestion is to find a tienda located near you and do as I did. Same effect, fraction of the price.


"Hey there, stud"

Studded, Patent, Louboutin oxfords....my inner geek just got a lot cooler looking.



(Jumbled mess of vintage rings, bracelets. La perla bra) Photos:Lindsey Evans



Originating from California is bitter sweet when it comes to Mexican food. We have the best quality, taste, accessibility and price next to Mexico itself. Last night I went out on a casual dinner/movie date (as I said previously blogged). Anyway to my excitement I was introduced the closest most delicious burrito I've encountered since Taqueria Cancun in ye old San Francisco. To my horror this delectable treat gave me food poisoning... Needless to say I haven't left the house all day. I decided to take advantage of staying in for a change and take some random pics of my room. Jars full of colorful buttons, lapis azul rosaries, French press, and photos of my parents in the 70's. The food poisoning sucks but its nice to stay at home...Does anyone in New York that knows of a taqueria thats delicious and affordable? Any and all suggestions gladly accepted...


Fashion weak...week

(Vintage layered slips worn as dress, Vintage sequin jacket, F21 booties, Chloe sunglasses) Photos:Dashiel Pare-Mayer
Fashion week in New York is funny. People are constantly dressing to impress, going out super late on school nights, trying to see and be seen. And whats better than sequins for that? Luckily for me I happen to own about 75 sequin pieces (not an exaggeration). As Ive said the weather is freezing but I am determined not to wear tights and or pants. I keep thinking to myself "Tess, pretend you aren't cold, keep imagining warm thoughts...sexy men on the beach, hot coco, WHISKEY....hmmmm sweet nectar from the gods" It's definitely not working. Time to add some tights... Curses. Going to Mexican food and the movies with a friend...sequins are date appropriate right?



Head Games

Random DIY headbands. Brought the floral and blue bird one out from a deep dark corner in my sowing kit, hidden in my closet, I actually made it about 2 years ago while visiting my family. I never had the courage to wear it in public so maybe now is the time to take it for a spin. My first few prototypes of it were hilarious. I used these gigantic really bright flowers and overlapped them. I pretty much looked like a hula dancer... Just made the studded headband. I'm definitely channelling GIVENCHY...but this is my take on it. Studs, leather and pulled back hair. Its win, win, win for me.


Approaching Valentines Day

I just got back to NYC. The weather is exactly as it was when I left a month ago. Its snowing, cold, windy and not so tolerable. Regardless I'm back and making the best of it. In the midst of attending yoga classes, hanging out with friends, prepping for NY F/W and ofcorse looking for key spring pieces that I am so excited to wear!!!!! (just received the Jeffrey Campbell Clogs and I'm dying to wear em out) I noticed that Valentines day is approaching...I began wondering what qualities my dream man would posses and what he would look like, and well FERRIS BUELLER is at the top. (look at his legs, yum). This year I'll be spending Valentines with my man... my godson and his lovely mother in the Hamptons. Sitting by the fire, drinking hot coco and really relaxing and to be honest I can't imagine doing anything else.

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