Originating from California is bitter sweet when it comes to Mexican food. We have the best quality, taste, accessibility and price next to Mexico itself. Last night I went out on a casual dinner/movie date (as I said previously blogged). Anyway to my excitement I was introduced the closest most delicious burrito I've encountered since Taqueria Cancun in ye old San Francisco. To my horror this delectable treat gave me food poisoning... Needless to say I haven't left the house all day. I decided to take advantage of staying in for a change and take some random pics of my room. Jars full of colorful buttons, lapis azul rosaries, French press, and photos of my parents in the 70's. The food poisoning sucks but its nice to stay at home...Does anyone in New York that knows of a taqueria thats delicious and affordable? Any and all suggestions gladly accepted...

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