Tattoos aren't always forever

(Wrist and forearm temp tattoos from summer 2007 or 08?? all others Chanel S/10)
3 summers ago I had this obsession with tattoos. I wanted them anywhere and everywhere, full sleeves, shoulders, forearms, wrists, inner and outer ankle...you get the picture. Although I was infatuated with the idea I knew this phase like most for me would probably pass so getting permanently inked didn't seem like the best idea. Luckily for me living in the Lower East side of NYC I had a tienda aka Spanish style store right down the street. I located their quarter machines and bought about $100 worth of .50 cent tattoos (I still have about 150 left).Some of which were incredible dragons, sailor esk mermaids, huge cobras engulfed in flames others ehhh not so amazing, but that's part of the fun of quarter machines...never knowing what mystery will come out. Needless to say my body was covered in various spots with random tattoos throughout the summer. Now Chanel's S/10 is launching temporary tattoos. And yes although they are quite artistic I find it a little ridiculous to spend an estimated $78- for the effect. My suggestion is to find a tienda located near you and do as I did. Same effect, fraction of the price.


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