Fashion weak...week

(Vintage layered slips worn as dress, Vintage sequin jacket, F21 booties, Chloe sunglasses) Photos:Dashiel Pare-Mayer
Fashion week in New York is funny. People are constantly dressing to impress, going out super late on school nights, trying to see and be seen. And whats better than sequins for that? Luckily for me I happen to own about 75 sequin pieces (not an exaggeration). As Ive said the weather is freezing but I am determined not to wear tights and or pants. I keep thinking to myself "Tess, pretend you aren't cold, keep imagining warm thoughts...sexy men on the beach, hot coco, WHISKEY....hmmmm sweet nectar from the gods" It's definitely not working. Time to add some tights... Curses. Going to Mexican food and the movies with a friend...sequins are date appropriate right?


  1. You have a great blog!
    Best of luck! ;)

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    x Valentine

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  3. So good to meet you on the street the other day for Swagger: New York! Our site launched last week (www.swaggernewyork.com), and we included you in one of our earliest posts. We’d love to do a follow-up sometime soon. It would form part of our III video feature, which lets fans into the lives of the trendiest NYC’ers in 3 days and 3 different looks. If you’re keen, please email spr@swaggerparis.com. Thanks!


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