Books and such

(Jeffrey Campbell clogs, target tights, U.O floral skirt, F21 corset, Vintage Cardigan) Photos:Lindsey Evans

The weather has gotten even worse than rain, worse than snow because now its thick wet rainy snow...yes rainy snow. I left the apt for a little bit today for hot coco and an ice cream sunday (no joke) with a friend at Max Brenner, a quick and worthless F21 stop, and a quick smoke break with Al.... besides my few hours out and about and no real need to leave the apt again other than to grab some snacks I changed into what I wish I could be wearing and did a quick photo session. I have to say I don't take myself too seriously and which is why these pictures are quite ironic, and also I don't usually smile or laugh in photographs, so when Linds caught me off guard and I actually liked the pic it was def being posted. Hope everyone enjoyed the day as much as I did my hot coco...hmmmmmm


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