(Vintage dress, Vintage rhinestone necklace, street vendor turquoise beaded necklace & red bead bracelet, YSL cuff, Swatch Watch, Prada Sunnies, CC skye studded cuff, YSL rings x3, vintage gold rings, Diamond necklace)photos:Georgie

To put it simply, I'm happy....I think that's enough said. Enjoy the day everyone :)


happy go lucky

(Vintage: Hat, denim dress, cowboy booties, Swatch watch, CC skye green cuff, YSL cuff, LEFT hand: Both YSL rings, Right hand: YSL turq ring, Vintage gold rings x 2)photos:Georgie

SPRING is here!!! Its warm, sunny, the trees and flowers are blossoming, and the sexy, young men are coming out of winter hibernation and seem to be on a mission to have dinner and or drinks asap!!!! Georgie and I woke up extra early this morning to take photos on Bond street, YES I know, I've shot a lot of pics there, but its pretty and I work right there....anyway, I couldn't help but wear this vintage denim cutout dress that Jenny saw at some random thrift store for a mere 7.00 and bought for me (she's the best) and dance around in the sunlight. It fits like a glove, and for some weird reason reminds me of that infamous Versace safety pin dress that basically made Elizabeth Hurley famous. I can't articulate how happy I am for the this week, the weather is glorious, I have a date with a guy I had a full blown crush on the second I saw him, and Jenny,Georgie and I are heading to San Francisco and Napa for a girls weekend along with my mothers 60th b-day bash!! Family, friends, and sunshine. What more could a girl as for???

Also, I've been written about, featured and photographed a few time recently so take a look here, here, and here.... This post seen on teen vogue here


page 6, say whaattt????

A series of photos from the last few weeks of my hectic little New York life, various shoots, concerts, Yves Saint Laurent rings, Nail polish colors, Mickey Mouse ears, and time spent enjoying friends company. Yesterday was the 1st day off in a long, long time doing absolutley NOTHING work related, I slept in, ignored emails, phone calls, skipped a shoot (whoops), to spend time with about 6 girls running all over the city enjoying street vendors, alcohol consumption in outdoor patio spaces, loads of gossip and funny "girl" stories, One of which feauters my name in BIG BOLD letters on "PAGE 6", yes you read that correctly I was in the "sightings" portion of Page 6 in the Sunday Post...Seen HERE for attending one of my best friends Joey Braha's duel b-day party. The first and last shot were taken by my good friend Susan, of SOCIETY OF LES with her iphone, and the quality has me contemplating trading in my trusty blackberry to the dark side....and now off to officially start the work week. :) Happy Monday all....


funky town

(Maurie & Eve sweater, Goddess of Babylon pants, F21 Heels, Seth and Dashiel Designs turban, vintage cuffs)photos:B

I've had the good fortune of hanging out with about 25 various bloggers, a few really big fashion sites, 2 new and really talented photographers and even some designers in the past 3 days, so I have a lot of photos that will be uploaded, collaborative projects in the works, and exciting news to share soon enough. As for this Friday, look number 2 styled with clothing from the Bui-lavry showroom. Perfectly suited for the mysteriously warm but windy weather New York has given us lately. And I know its a little 90's to bare so much of your stomach, but I just couldn't help it!!! How do you feel about it? TO crop top or NOT?

seen on teen vogue here


a little warmer

(Maurie & Eve shorts, Maurie & Eve Silk tank, Goddess of Babylon Linen Blazer, Christian Louboutin Heels, S&D design gold shark tooth necklace)photos:B

I know that I've said how "busy" I am a few times, which is ironic because a few weeks back my friend Aaron and I had a conversation about how we find it so ridiculous when people use being "busy" as an excuse to get out of things. And how our response to those people should be "and I'm not? what the f*ck do you think I do all day, everyday? Play Mario brothers? No d*ck, I'm busy too". Regardless I ACTUALLY enjoy the hectic schedule, that my life offers and demands. I've learned to appreciate waking up early in the morning when New York seems to be just a little bit calmer and quieter, getting emails, meetings, projects, ideas, and even menial errands done before some people I know have even hit the snooze button on their alarm. Yesterday, today and tomorrow are testaments to my new outlook. I was selected as a top New York Blogger and invited to Bui-Lavry's showroom with limitless access to the 3 lines they rep (Maurie & Eve, Goddess of Babylon, Oscar the Third)'s Fall collections, to style 5 "Tess, of The Little Black List" outfits. After obsessing over just about every piece in all 3 collections, I made my selections,and headed out to another meeting. COME to 7 am THIS morning(no lies) I put the finishing touches on the outfits (shoes, accessories etc.) and shot all 5 looks. Luckily mother nature was in a good mood (unlike my lens! which is acting up...insert super sad and concerned face here) so I wasn't a total frigged bitch and actually smiled ;) Here is look 1, hope you like it, and let me know what you think....



(American Apparel "disco pants", NC white button down,Alexander Wang bag)

I know these photos are totally out of focus, blurry, the colors bleeding into one and other, but it was the exact aesthetic I wanted. They were taken in a private little sitting area at the Duran Duran concert I went to a few weeks back. Sporadic candles were the only source of light, red paper fans, the walls papered with vintage magazine pages, along with the massive, RED tumbled leather couch and chairs screamed deviant, trouble to me, which in turn, turns me on...it might be a little strange or sick but hey, you only live once. Which is the motto I'm living by nowadays, with fashion and my crush who is tRicking his way into my heart. <3 I just finished styling and "pulling" 5 insane looks from the Bui-Lavry showroom for their NYC blogger lookbook. I can't wait to shoot the looks, and share them with you :) actually running out to do so.



I heard this song a few weeks back having drinks on a random date...I knew exactly where I had heard it before, who had played it for me, and I remember the obsessive feeling that I wanted to listen to it over and over, BUT had some how forgotten about it, who sang it, what the lyrics were. So in an insane effort to track it down I asked 3 of my dj friends and countless musically inclined friends if they knew what it could be, giving them 3 seconds of humming from the songs chorus that I thought I could remember from both occasions of hearing it. After no luck from friends, googling THE MOST incorrect lyrics known to man "oohh julia" I heard it last night while at dinner!!!!!! I ran to the man who was in control of the music and begged him for the information. You might have heard it before me, but hey I know fashion, not music, or you might not like it nearly as much as I do...Regardless I FOUND IT!!!!! enjoy :)


almost, back to normal. whatever normal is

(Prada Sunglasses, Vintage cardigan, shoes, rhinestone necklaces, Sarah Hearey Bird necklace, Target tights, F21 skirt, American Apparel tube bra-as shirt)photos:Chloe

Its the first day that I'm starting to feel back to normal, more like myself. It might be that I have watched and re-watched every episode of the office, anything Kardashian related, gossip girl, the movie 7 that has indefinitely scarred and scared the sh*t out of me, changed my sheets like 17 times, organized my jewelry, clothes, eaten 77 apples and way too much chicken noodle soup...I think the cabin fever has become TOO much. It also happens to be gorgeous outside which gives me an excuse to take my new Prada Sunnies out for a spin!!!! I know they ARE SO crazy, they don't necessarily fit my face in the way they were designed to, but the asymmetrical eyes, and the swirly, whimsical detailing on the sides were just too good to resist, plus I need to give my Ksubi's a little rest (I'm sure you're all sick of seeing them in my pics). I have some very busy weeks coming up, very exciting things in the works that I will be so excited to share with you, when the time is just right. As for now Let's wish Joey and Albert Braha, a belated "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" (sorry I was too sick to post) and enjoy the moment of glorious weather and a less sniffley nose :)

So happy to be back,




Hello everyone...I have bad news. I am very, very sick. I have a sinus and chest infection, so as much as I would like to be running around styling, and shooting new looks I am stuck in bed sleeping the days away trying to get better :( But I've received a lot of emails asking when I would be posting again so I didn't want to wait too long...all these photos were taken within the last few months. Notice my brass knuckle look combining 3 ysl rings, my new Iris Van Herpen x United Nude "iris", one of the cutest dogs (Bean), my old short, ratted 2 tone hair, AND Edge Nippon that featured me in their magazine this month.... Back to bed to try and feel better!!!

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