I heard this song a few weeks back having drinks on a random date...I knew exactly where I had heard it before, who had played it for me, and I remember the obsessive feeling that I wanted to listen to it over and over, BUT had some how forgotten about it, who sang it, what the lyrics were. So in an insane effort to track it down I asked 3 of my dj friends and countless musically inclined friends if they knew what it could be, giving them 3 seconds of humming from the songs chorus that I thought I could remember from both occasions of hearing it. After no luck from friends, googling THE MOST incorrect lyrics known to man "oohh julia" I heard it last night while at dinner!!!!!! I ran to the man who was in control of the music and begged him for the information. You might have heard it before me, but hey I know fashion, not music, or you might not like it nearly as much as I do...Regardless I FOUND IT!!!!! enjoy :)


  1. Thanks for sharing. I can see why you were hunting this down.

  2. Love when you find something you've been looking for it's like something just clicks.

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  3. You need to get "Shazam" for your Iphone ;)

  4. I'm hooked. I downloaded this after reading your post...this an awesome song! Thanks for sharing :)


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