Genius Heights

Photo: Ryan McGinley


Less Brow

(Vintage bracelets, YSL rings, Vintage dress-styled for Japanese shoot)

Here is a tiny preview of the preparation for my Japanese Billboard shoot. The stylist said less brow, so that's exactly what I got...less brow. But when you have huge, thick, black brows like I do, you look so scary as sh*t! I felt like a 70's alien. But apparently this is what works in Japan. I got to wear head to toe vintage and pretend like I was oober famous, blocking and flipping off the camera, screaming at my onset boyfriend in the lobby's of fancy New York hotels. The photographer also shot a video that will air sometime in July so I'll post it when I get the chance. It was actually a lot more fun than I could have imagined. I could def get used to having my hair and make up done by pros, so long as I keep my brows. ;)


UN Launch Party

(Vintage dress, Gifted United Nude block heel mesh pumps)
If you don't know what United Nude is google that sh*t. Last night was the opening party for their flagship store in NYC on Bond street. The collaboration of UN and Surface magazine was nothing less than perfect. Architectural shoes, Champagne, good friends, sexy European Designer men and loud indie music guaranteed an amazing night. I wore gifted Block heels from United Nude and a vintage shift dress with too many rhinestone necklaces.(which was a huge hit, thanks wireimage.com for the photos) The 5 inch heels were very comfortable especially after a few too many glasses of the Veuve Clicquot. I'm exhausted...I've been working harder the last few weeks than all the weeks from the last year combined. I'm planning on a very long boring bath and movie night tonight. Tomorrow I have a photo shoot for a Japanese department store/museum. The theme is 70's paparazzi so I'm actually really excited to see what the stylist pulled for me and how crazy the make up and hair is going to get...wish me luck.


Grandma Nana

RIP To my grandma...


Long time, no see

(Random photos: Most self portrait style, some mystery man)

I'm a bad blogger lately. Anyone who knows me, knows that I haven't been this busy in about a year. I've been working extremely hard to get the first UN (united nude) store open in the states. In my little free time I have dealt with my best friend moving to Canada, become single, shopped for the perfect spring handbag, had too much to eat and I find myself doing the things that really make me happy. I have fallen more and more in love with the weather, New York, architecture, my friends, hello kitty band aids, SUPER HIGH HEELS, spring wardrobes, espresso -black and a very sexy man... wink wink to you not so mystery man... I walked around Soho today and found the most incredible rhinestone sparrow necklace its huge, gaawdddiii and I looooveeee it.(Photos to come) Cooked gourmet burgers on baguettes, enjoyed tates cookies and drank beers with some friends this evening which was actually the perfect ending to my weekend-less. Trying to capture better blog worthy moments although these days I find myself behind the lens. Going to bed now, but will blog further in the future.


Leather and Lace

(Leather shorts Kolae, Lace shirt Kolae, Vintage sunglasses, rhinestone necklace, Mom's Moccasins)

I enjoyed the Craziest weekend ever, I think I actually drank my body weight in alcohol. From a day party on West Broadway where we showered in Rose' to a friends apt guzzling black label on the rocks to One Oak, yea I said it, One mother f*cking oak where I ran into not one but 2 of my ex boyfriends.(the only ex boyfriends I have). If it weren't for all the lubrication I might not have come across so smooth. ha ha ha. Clearly a joke because running into your ex's when you're wasted face is never smooth, at least not for me. They both looked good, acted cool and some how managed to avoid each other. I now know why I haven't seen either of them in a while. Bc they are at one oak. I watched about 5 hours of LIFE in HD on THE BEST COUCH EVER!!! And drank bottles of Powerade to regain my electrolytes, Which is quite possibly my new favorite past time. The weather is cold again which is so strange because it was 90 degrees just a few days ago. Trying to focus on work, and planning a vacation for the summer, and ideas?


2 for the price of 1

(Leather skirt, Silk blouse, lace dress all Kolae)

As I said, Dont f*ck with this girl!!!! And me either....


Sami and Kolae

(Leather, lace, zippers etc all clothing Kolae)

The weather in New York is so ridiculous, It was 80 degrees, sunny and so beautiful with the craziest gusts of winds. I spent a few hours with one my girlfriends Sami (yup shes on MTV),on the highline taking pictures and yelling vulgarities. She was gifted all these amazing leather and lace pieces by a new up and coming NY designer Kolae (Check out their fall lookbool @ KOLAE.COM. These looks are so on point with Sami's personality, sexy, raw, feminine yet edgy. The second I met this girl I knew not to f*ck with her, because she could kick my ass all while doing it smiling ear to ear with the most gorgeous accessories.


Afternoon Delight

(On Tess: F21 onzie, Vintage Army jacket, Moms minnetonka moccasins, Vintage necklace purchased today, Vintage glasses, Random assortment of bracelets, On Gretchen: UO DIY cut t-shirt, Vintage Yves Saint Laurent skirt, Mulberry Bag, All jewels Vintage)
Had a leisurely day walking, catching up and vintage shopping with one of my most dear friends Gretchen. Lunch at Gottino where our server was not only adorable but so kind, he gave us a complimentary sudden showers waffle with whipped cream and fresh fruit. Tried to find "margaritas to go" but apparently this is illegal and no longer happening. The rain was off and on and was actually quite beautiful if you were lucky enough to be in doors when it struck. We had a run in with a crazy mom and her projectile vomiting child (no joke). Ending the night going to dinner with a group of friends...Hope everyone had an incredible Monday



(F21 cross rings, YSL arty ring, YSL huge green cocktail, random froggy and F21 faux milky emerald, Antique Diamond and turquoise cocktail)
This Spring my obsession with rings is quite specific, I keep catching myself being drawn to most stones in the green, turquoise, mint family. Above are a few that I've acquired thus far. I ordered some more YSl rings to add to my collection and yes they fit into this color palate. Whats with the green? Even my nails are color coordinated...

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