Long time, no see

(Random photos: Most self portrait style, some mystery man)

I'm a bad blogger lately. Anyone who knows me, knows that I haven't been this busy in about a year. I've been working extremely hard to get the first UN (united nude) store open in the states. In my little free time I have dealt with my best friend moving to Canada, become single, shopped for the perfect spring handbag, had too much to eat and I find myself doing the things that really make me happy. I have fallen more and more in love with the weather, New York, architecture, my friends, hello kitty band aids, SUPER HIGH HEELS, spring wardrobes, espresso -black and a very sexy man... wink wink to you not so mystery man... I walked around Soho today and found the most incredible rhinestone sparrow necklace its huge, gaawdddiii and I looooveeee it.(Photos to come) Cooked gourmet burgers on baguettes, enjoyed tates cookies and drank beers with some friends this evening which was actually the perfect ending to my weekend-less. Trying to capture better blog worthy moments although these days I find myself behind the lens. Going to bed now, but will blog further in the future.


  1. awww! I feel like I could fall for you at any moment too!!

  2. i absolutely love the shorts and the bracelets!!

  3. hot, love the side boob! its the new cleavage!




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