Afternoon Delight

(On Tess: F21 onzie, Vintage Army jacket, Moms minnetonka moccasins, Vintage necklace purchased today, Vintage glasses, Random assortment of bracelets, On Gretchen: UO DIY cut t-shirt, Vintage Yves Saint Laurent skirt, Mulberry Bag, All jewels Vintage)
Had a leisurely day walking, catching up and vintage shopping with one of my most dear friends Gretchen. Lunch at Gottino where our server was not only adorable but so kind, he gave us a complimentary sudden showers waffle with whipped cream and fresh fruit. Tried to find "margaritas to go" but apparently this is illegal and no longer happening. The rain was off and on and was actually quite beautiful if you were lucky enough to be in doors when it struck. We had a run in with a crazy mom and her projectile vomiting child (no joke). Ending the night going to dinner with a group of friends...Hope everyone had an incredible Monday

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  1. It looks like you have fun, amazing friends. And the photos are lovely!


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