Sami and Kolae

(Leather, lace, zippers etc all clothing Kolae)

The weather in New York is so ridiculous, It was 80 degrees, sunny and so beautiful with the craziest gusts of winds. I spent a few hours with one my girlfriends Sami (yup shes on MTV),on the highline taking pictures and yelling vulgarities. She was gifted all these amazing leather and lace pieces by a new up and coming NY designer Kolae (Check out their fall lookbool @ KOLAE.COM. These looks are so on point with Sami's personality, sexy, raw, feminine yet edgy. The second I met this girl I knew not to f*ck with her, because she could kick my ass all while doing it smiling ear to ear with the most gorgeous accessories.


  1. wow soooo sexy, you look fckin awesome...another nyc blogger...sweet

    come follow the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let He know what you think



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