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(Maurie & Eve shorts, Maurie & Eve Silk tank, Goddess of Babylon Linen Blazer, Christian Louboutin Heels, S&D design gold shark tooth necklace)photos:B

I know that I've said how "busy" I am a few times, which is ironic because a few weeks back my friend Aaron and I had a conversation about how we find it so ridiculous when people use being "busy" as an excuse to get out of things. And how our response to those people should be "and I'm not? what the f*ck do you think I do all day, everyday? Play Mario brothers? No d*ck, I'm busy too". Regardless I ACTUALLY enjoy the hectic schedule, that my life offers and demands. I've learned to appreciate waking up early in the morning when New York seems to be just a little bit calmer and quieter, getting emails, meetings, projects, ideas, and even menial errands done before some people I know have even hit the snooze button on their alarm. Yesterday, today and tomorrow are testaments to my new outlook. I was selected as a top New York Blogger and invited to Bui-Lavry's showroom with limitless access to the 3 lines they rep (Maurie & Eve, Goddess of Babylon, Oscar the Third)'s Fall collections, to style 5 "Tess, of The Little Black List" outfits. After obsessing over just about every piece in all 3 collections, I made my selections,and headed out to another meeting. COME to 7 am THIS morning(no lies) I put the finishing touches on the outfits (shoes, accessories etc.) and shot all 5 looks. Luckily mother nature was in a good mood (unlike my lens! which is acting up...insert super sad and concerned face here) so I wasn't a total frigged bitch and actually smiled ;) Here is look 1, hope you like it, and let me know what you think....


  1. wow nice hair, you look totally different, but still good

    -He approves

    Fashion by He

  2. You go girl! Your blog is the only fashion blog I bother with! I heart your effortless style.

  3. wow beautiful pictures!! love your shorts

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  4. Tess, I think you look sooo much better with your darker and longer hair!! love it! :D
    And your outfit is hot :**

  5. Amazing shorts - love them! lovely blog def following!


  6. I love that suede blazer it's so gorgeous. The look is great.

    Collections & Shopbop Giveaway

  7. Gorgeous! I love how you paired the red shoes and the print. I'm glad we met this morning at the Refinery event. Thought you made a lot of great points in the discussion. Looking forward to seeing you again soon!

  8. Love the shorts!

    Xoxo Birgitte

  9. I am in love with those shorts!!! gimme gimme!


  10. Love the shoes. I really like the way you styled your hair- one of many great looks. I think this is my first time commenting, althought I have been a religious follower for about a year! Can't wait to see what else you've got to share.


  11. I love it
    I'm your follower. :=)
    Your blog is amazing!!!!
    I hope you will follow me www.welovefur.blogspot.com
    with love

  12. Love the colors you got going here! And those shorts are wonderful!

  13. Those shorts look perfect on you - in fact, the whole look is great!
    And you remind me a little bit of Olivia Palermo :)

    Following you now!


    Miri's Castle

  14. you look so stunning here!!!and the shoes,amazing!!love them


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