Approaching Valentines Day

I just got back to NYC. The weather is exactly as it was when I left a month ago. Its snowing, cold, windy and not so tolerable. Regardless I'm back and making the best of it. In the midst of attending yoga classes, hanging out with friends, prepping for NY F/W and ofcorse looking for key spring pieces that I am so excited to wear!!!!! (just received the Jeffrey Campbell Clogs and I'm dying to wear em out) I noticed that Valentines day is approaching...I began wondering what qualities my dream man would posses and what he would look like, and well FERRIS BUELLER is at the top. (look at his legs, yum). This year I'll be spending Valentines with my man... my godson and his lovely mother in the Hamptons. Sitting by the fire, drinking hot coco and really relaxing and to be honest I can't imagine doing anything else.

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