Pink Laces Part 1

(Bag, Jacket, Boots (I added the pink sparley laces), Nightgown cut and sewn into blouse all VINTAGE, F21 jeans with homemade rips and tears, Rings YSL) Photos:Lindsey Evans

I spent the day running around the city having an incredible time. I'm heading to Puerto Rico for a quick get away for my best girls bday and we spent the beginning of the afternoon searching for new summer apparel for our vacation. The weather was so beautiful, crisp and cold but just warm enough to leave your coat open. My outfit today excluding my jeans, was all vintage. My jacket is literally deteriorating off of me due to moths, I believe my bag was previously owned by a 90year old woman lol, and my boots are old, beat up and worn in just the way I like them. I did however add pink sparkly laces to make them a tid bit more Tess...Later in the evening we manged (aka ate) with my boyfriend, Darren yup I said it out loud... and some friends. We drank wine, ate delicious food and laughed hysterically with, at and about each other (pictures will come at a later date). I'm starting to sense the shift in the weather although it could just be New York deceiving me, either way it was the perfect day....


  1. im just loving your coat, the bag is really cute

  2. Awesome outfit, you look great! I love your coat and shoes :)

  3. Awesome blog! Your outfit is perfect. Its starting to get more springy weather in NYC thanfully :)


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