Bananas and Boots

(Theory Blazer, Tucker for target dress, Target socks, Vintage sunglasses, Vintage Harley Davidson boots)Photos:Georgie

Grabbing coffee and a banana and having an impromptu photo shoot while wearing another piece from the Tucker for Target go international line. And another current favorite. I know that the line, not only for target but in general credits nature,travelling, national geographic, indian and native american prints for the colorful designs and prints. This dress clearly is no exception. The slightly brighter shade of navy with the geometric pattern could almost be chancy, but on a silk shift dress belted and worn with my legit Harley Davidson motorcycle boots its so easy and playful. I layered it up on this mildly chilly day with one of the best fitting blazers to date, thigh high socks (which I cant get enough of) and stacks of bracelets that aren't really shown so well. Today is a new day and I'm playing with the idea of wearing a tucker blouse my mom just sent me...we shall see what transpires. Now today's mission, finding a birthday dress!!! Wish me luck.


  1. haha love it, the 2nd last pic is dope <3

  2. Looks like fun. Did you get some crazy stares for talking on a banana? hahaha. Your outfit is amazing too.
    xoxo http://behinthelashes.com

  3. you look soo gorgeous! that outfit is really great, i love how it's the perfect mix of sophisticated, girly, and edgy in one! love the picture of you in the air!

    Fashion Bag 411

  4. there's nothing better than over the knee socks. I'm almost sure of it. love the whole look.

    xox, hannah emily

  5. banana phone ftw! I like you even more now.

  6. love the jumping shot!! amazing boots and dress.

  7. banana phone! lol great look!



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