(Sequin shirt, Hat vintage, vintage buttons on hat personalized, Jean shorts Levis, Wood cuff souk find in Marrakech, Tigers eye hamsa bracelet A.v Maxx )
Conventional good looks can be deceiving...she can easily be typecast as the homecoming queen... green eyes, blonde hair and a Barbie dolls body. But this couldn't be further from the truth. Lindsey is quite the distinctive person...she guzzles patron, sings on key to Amy Winehouse, designs jewelry for DY ...oh and somehow manages to humiliate me every year on her birthday. Shall we begin with 2 years ago? Linds managed to take her chocolate cake, no her very dark chocolate cake with dark choc frosting and actually slam it in my face(keep in mind I met her about 5 hours previous) this erupted the first and only food fight I have ever been in to this day. Fast-forward to her next bday, I wore a sequin skirt pulled up and belted as a dress...Linds thought it would be funny to pants me in the middle of a packed club. My reaction time clearly slowed due to alcohol ensured a vast amount of viewers. Her bday is coming up and I'm mentally preparing for it. But regardless she is my Best friend, roommate, photographer and a total Beauty.

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