Holey war

(personalized vintage sweater, theory leggings, forever 21 lace up booties, forever21 gold elephant necklace, seth and dashiel design gold bracelets, dad's antique jade picture stone cuff, antique yellow gold and diamond ring, antique smokey topaz, forever21 gold band, antique turquoise and diamond ring)

The process of revamping my fall-winter wardrobe has begun, this year I'm drawn men's sweaters (which I casually steal...um I mean borrow from my boyfriends closet), baggy oversized blazers and jackets from I believe the late 80's or early 90's, shredded tights, thigh high cable knit socks, booties in every height, shape and style, fur coats, riding boots etc..
I bought this old man sweater at the salvation army (the guy who works there knows and loves me, and I'm not embarrassed to say it!!!) I haggled it down to about $2.00, then took it home and proceeded to rip the sh*t out of it. In my mind its perfection, almost looks like its deteriorating off my body. However my boyfriend seems to think differently calling me a jipster (jewish gypsy hipster). I paired it with theory leggings, lace up booties, tons of rings (in my mind the more the merrier) and Goth lipstick and I almost feel a bit glamorous.

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