Tube sock sleeves

(Vintage Jacket, H&M dress, Target socks, J. Simpson "dany" heels, Vintage bag, Vintage Whiting and Davis cuff, Moms turquoise cuff, YSL ring) Photos:Lindsey Evans

Today was gorgeous. The sun was shining bright all day, the temp was warm but not too hot in the sun. I walked around aimlessly for most of the day with D. We are on the hunt for the perfect windbreaker for him, can't be vintage (breaks my heart), needs to be a single bright color, not too big of a collar and no logos PLEASE HELP ME!!! Ate lunch outside at a coffee shop cleverly named Coffee Shop in Union Square. He went for his first ride of the season on his Ducati...I can only image his gigantic smile, Winter + NY=snow= NO MOTORCYCLE RIDES....Went for an evening stroll with Linds around Gramercy where we gossiped and took some pics. I'm actually in love with this dress, its short but not too short and the sleeves really mimic tube socks! It's so lovely in New York this time year, the streets are full of smiling people, the clothes are fun and vibrant and evening strolls with your best friend are warm and perfect.


  1. i love ur blog

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  2. Lovely blog. Really like the socks and tan heels combo! I need to be brave enough to try that! xx

  3. im in love with those heels x

  4. Totally diggin the Dany platforms with the grey socks!


  5. So in love with this. The pictures, the look! And you are gorgeous dear!
    new follower :]

  6. You're so f*cking cute in this outfit!

  7. These pics are great!! Who does your photography?????

  8. I believe I know this coat! Is this an SF throwback?


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