Sequins make me smile

(Vintage sequin shift shirt, American Apparel 2 tone dress, F21 heart sunglasses) Photos:Lindsey Evans

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a serious appreciation and obsession with sequins. Perhaps I'm channelling my inner 90 year old woman, the same woman who wears 6 gigantic cocktail rings at once. Over the years I have obtained a serious collection of vintage sequin pieces, from fitted vests, shift shirts, jackets to super over sized dresses. Every time I go home to San Francisco I pick up a few more (this is NO joke I have a closet just for sequins). Anyway I've decided that I need to stop buying, and storing and start wearing these magnificent pieces of glittery art! So here is number 1. Hope you enjoy.


  1. sequins make me smile too! following you xxxxx


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