Back to black

(Vintage Crochet dress, F21 bustier underneath, Random slip skirt, Vintage sunglasses, YSL ring, Monserat de Luca bag, J. Campbell clogs, Ornamental things necklace)Photos:Chloe
New York is a city that lives in black clothing, but come summer everyone seems to forget about it. Perhaps its the humidity, the sticky subways or that your body is moist and sweaty most of the time. The prints are bold, the colors are vibrant and black is no where to be seen. I do enjoy wearing bright cheerful garments but its also fun it slip in a random black dress here and there and really mix it up. I almost feel like I'm cheating on summer in some weird way. I bought this crochet dress from a street vendor outside a vintage store in Long Island City for $6.00. (I was sent there to make sure the sculpture for our store was being restored properly, and well I happened to pass a few vintage store so why not stop in?) Its pretty heavy, nice quality and really really see through so I had to figure out a clever way to stay cool, and not run around naked. I used this AMAZING F21 bustier with a super low back to give me shape underneath all that mesh, and a simple slip skirt. I loved the clogs with this outfit bc I felt like it was a slight variation of something my mother would have worn in the 70's...


  1. Lovely crochet dress!


  2. big fan of crochet for summer, great outfit, you look great as always

    -He approves


  3. This outfit is amazing! you look absolutely fabulous... reminds me of Jane Birkin... xoxo
    PS. Great blog, now following you!!!!

  4. OHmg! THIS IS GORGEOUS. i am in love with your style and am now you're newest follower :)


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