Fuck Fear, LOVE

(Vintage Missoni Dress, Vintage sunglasses, Antique Emerald and Diamond ring, Street vendor armor ring DIY to take off the hook, Seth and Dashiel designs bracelets)
After sleeping thru my alarm and leaving D's house a rushing mess, I arrived at my place very very flustered. I showered and got ready as quickly as possible. I pinned my hair back, threw on this vintage Missoni dress, some random silver rings and headed to work. I WAS ON TIME!!!! This is only the second time I've worn this dress and I think that I may have seriously underestimated it. Its effortless, bright and really made me look and feel like I tried. I abs love pieces of clothing that take no time or consideration but somehow look elegant and chic. I'm also a huge fan of Missoni, the 70's crochet that never goes out of style. Shannon kept telling me that my armor ring reminded her of some bizarre mustache and make me pose like that for a picture. I just think its silly. But the ring is actually pretty comfortable. Heading off to meet D for dinner and a movie... Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. T


  1. Love Love your rings!!! beautiful dress


  2. thanks so much for the email, glad you are going to make it, all local area bloggers are invited of coursed, the more the better!!!

    you look great in these pictures, love the rings too!

    gonna add you to blog roll



  3. that vintage missoni dress is superb!
    and the ring not silly at all! It looks really bohemian paired together Love it


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