Dashiel is GODLIKE

(American Apparel dress, Vintage beaded vest, Gifted United Nude "lo res" shoes, YSL rings, ALL bracelets Seth and Dashiel Designs, F21 stringy necklace, ALL other necklaces Seth and Dashiel designs)
Back to work, after the most relaxing weekend in the Hamps. Its never fun to head back into the office but I had enough down time today to take a few weird random pics in our store, But I have 2 pieces of good news. The first being my amazing brother taught me bits and pieces of html and I now know how to make my photos EXTRA large so IN YO FACE tiny pictures, and 2, I won a contest and will be recieving free clothing from HELLZ BELLS...I love clothes and more than clothes I love freeeeeeee clothes...Amazing. Its really late, and I'm exhausted I'll post more tomorrow, oh and yes I wear spandex dresses to the office...


  1. LOVE the large pics. So glad to finally be able to see the little details of your FABULOUS style!

  2. OMG do you work for United Nude??? I am an architecture student and when I discovered this brand I fell completely in love!! Rem Koolhaas is my favourite architect of all time - his diverse work is such an inspiration to me. I drool over the United Nude website on a regular basis and hope to buy a pair of the shoes someday.
    I am now following your blog and look forward to reading through all of your posts.


    If you get a chance have a look at our blog. It's a double personal style blog - 2 girls 1 trend 2 styles.


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