Helloh day off

(H&M studded jacket-thanks Steph, F21 nude tube top, Seth and Dashiel des. skirt, F21 lace flats, All rings YSL, Random purse gift from Aunt AM, Vintage sunglasses)

I'm sitting in front of my computer in my pj's, blasting RATATAT and catching up on my favorite blogs. This is the sweetest way to begin my first of 2 consecutive days off, this is a big deal. I have about 75 things on my "to do" list, and will probably only do about 5 which include and are limited to the "fun" things like mani-pedi, going to barneys, getting my hair Brazilian blown out NO MORE FRIZZ FOR ME, leisurely lunch, antique shopping for new jewels and dinner with some friends. My outfit the other day was actually really franctic, but I'm one of those people that puts on some really weird abstract shit and it somehow works. I really liked the combination of the bouncy, bright, vibrant, alive skirt with the severe jacket. I also ignored the fact that all my rings, bracelets, and hardware on my bag were gold while the studding on the jacket was silver. It didn't really matter, I walked around the park enjoyed wine at a few various spots, def flashed a few innocent by standards when the wind blew. It was a really great day and I hope that today will be some what reminiscent. Wish my luck on my blow job...I'm nervous bc it looks like its going to rain,(and for those Jewish girls, or chicks with frizzy hair) you know you cant get your hair wet after the treatment. Fingers crossed, wish me luck,

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