So concerned.

(Ralph Lauren Sunglasses, H&m self cut shirt, F21 skirt, Givenchy flats, YSL lapis arty ring, Hat purchased from street vendor that day)

With a mixture of work, friends, dating, and the beautiful weather I have been seriously slacking on my blogging. Avoided the Hamptons and spent memorial day in Jersey, and not only got a serious tan but I also got to visit the Seaside boardwalk (where the jersey shore, best show ever was filmed). It was everything I could have imagined and much more, gorilla looking sleezy men covered in awkward tattoos, Girls wearing far too little clothing, and showing way way way too much skin, Cheese fries, cheese steaks, pizza, dip n dots! I was only on the boardwalk long enough to eat about 7000 calories and buy 2 ridiculous t-shirts. This weekend I'll be heading out to the Hamptons for a change of scenery. Its starting to get really humid and sticky in the city. I'll def be taking some pictures and blogging more...


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