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All photos: ME
The Little Black List began strictly as a fashion blog but, as time passes and I give little snip its of information about my more personal life the LBL has the ability to focus not only on clothing and accessories but also on some other very important things in my life. If you're one of my readers who checks in regularly you may have seen the name Braha a few times, firstly because I am friends with all 3 of the men, and the lil sister, one of my closest friends (Laura) is dating the eldest. But, the main reason is I have been fortunate to find myself spending more and more time with the family: family dinners, Sunday Funday's filled with Taboo, movies, way to much macaroni and cheese, and SO many re-caps of parties and events from the previous night....Now as an adopted Braha family member (I like to think they've adopted me) I went to watch and support the troop in an outdoor b-ball tournament, and although they didn't win it was a different and interesting way to be with friends, eat nachos and test out my photography skills taking pics of the all the hot guys playing ball, and cutest pug I've ever seen. But of course I couldn't totally leave the fashion out. So there are a few sneak peeks at some of my newest and most adored accessories of the moment: Kenneth Cole watch c/o KC, Vintage rhinestone collar necklace, F21 gold armor ring, and a tiny little slice of my cheetah scarf....


  1. Basketball forever!
    And I fully support you to make it a little personal.

  2. love the rings. the dog and boys are very cute also

  3. The cutest accessory is definitely the pug!

  4. love those rings

    love m.
    keep in touch.


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