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As everyone knows, my love for fashion and accessories are the driving forces in my life. Each and every day in New York City brings someone or something new and interesting that subconsciously inspires me in terms of style. Whether it's seeing a new collection from an already established designer, discovering a new line, having an extra spicy burrito, or running into a friend on the street, the end result is the same, ever evolving, changing fashion. The biggest rush I can get is when my daily discovery involves fashion directly. An amazing find at the local thrift store, or even better discovering an entirely new, untapped store where the possibilities seem endless. Since a frequently asked question from my readers is "where do you get your jewelry?" I thought I would share an online jewelry store I stumbled across, that to me is the virtual equivalent of getting asked out by my crush (no joke). The abundance of gold jewelry ranges not only in style, some contemporary, some antique looking, BUT more importantly in price. I'm obsessed with the yellow gold lion head, and snake ring that I ordered, and am very impatiently awaiting their arrival. Happy Shopping :)


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  2. LOVE your blog and style!!
    I just launched my handmade jewelry line on Etsy. Would love for you to check it out. Let me know if anything catches your eye or if you're interested in anything custom! xoxo, chelsea


  3. Love it and loved your photoshoot ! So fun ! You are definitely gorgeous !

  4. OMG! I LOVE the lion head! So unique!


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