rats nest

(Vintage dress restored by my mama, hair nappy as sh*t)
A little history on this dress, it was an XXXL (not exaggerating) that my mother picked out at the local thrift store in Vallejo solely to laugh at...I was mesmorised at this 5.99 gem. I knew with a little TLC it could turn out looking really sexy (the front of the dress is power mesh with 2 elastic strips that some how manage to cover the exact location of my nipples). Now as for why I'm freezing my @ss off in central park wearing a club dress? lol it was all part of my Spellbound Magazine shoot, which will be released May, i.e why I can't share with you other, more detailed shots of this outfit. As for the main reason I'm sharing the same photo 3 times on this particular Friday, f*ck me I've thought it was Friday for the last 3 days, no JOKE.Why you may ask?? Because in between, meetings and dinners with the design team of United Nude, being part of the ever so long casting process for a few tv shows, Kenneth Cole party, mauling a few boys (including but not limited to not 1 but 2 ex's), Swagger-Art installation and about 6,000 emails, 589 texts, and 147 calls. I FINALLY DECIDED what to do with my hair! Say SOOOOOOO LOONGGG to my short, skunky ,2 tone rat's nest mane! And come SUNDAY when my contractual obligation is fulfilled I'm changing my hair, and there's nada you can say!!!!!!!! ANY guesses on what's to come??


  1. beautiful dress ;D

    SUPER t-shirt to discover: http://magmoiselle.fr/?p=4509

  2. Good for you for changing it up! Good luck on Sunday. I do love your curls though and wish I could replicate something similar, how do you do yours??
    xoxo behindthelashes.com

  3. Crop that mop short and fresh, so best to show off the beautiful back.


  4. Can't wait to see what you do to it :) As far as my ombre, I went back to my brunette roots. I was tired of the blonde. xx-jackie

  5. I went blonde not too long ago! I can't decide if I want to go back to my natural red or do blonde again. Good luck!

  6. Exciting, can't wait to see what you do with your hair!!


  7. whatever may come, I really hope you will stop referring to your hair as "nappy".


  8. Hi I find your blog by chicisimo you have a lovely style and really like your hair!
    I follow you and hope you can follow me too if you like my blog


  9. TESS I had the pleasure meeting u @ the Swagger event, my dear friend sian p introduced us, and I'm still to this day starstruck! Love the dress & can't wait to see the new 'do'


  10. Great dress!!! Love the open back!


  11. looks absolutely lovely! :)
    nice to see people getting creative with thrift store finds



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