(D's hat from Italy, Vintage dress, Vintage Belt)
Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting and eating with the man behind FASHION BY HE. True to his blog he was funny, entertaining, smart, witty and very charming. I took a few pics of him, but clearly cannot post the images of his face. (Don't worry FBYHE) your secret is safe with me. After our little lunch in I ran around the city browsing and buying new key pieces for fall, cashmere cable knit thigh high socks, thermals, and lots of sweaters that will be perfect for layering. Hope everyone has a great Tuesday.


(Turban from a wig shop, Vintage dress, F21 oxfords)Photos:Dashiel Pare-Mayer
I bought this turban at a wig shop about 4 years ago. I don't think I've ever had the courage to wear it out in NYC, which is such a shame because I do really like it. I had a very packed , weekend full of lunches and dinners with friends, a jazz festival, European law student party, and one serious night of drunken dancing. I also went on a shopping spree of vintage clothing (yes I need more vintage clothes like a hole in my head) but I cant resist. I have a meeting about my little blog, so its time to shower, get dressed and go.



(Vintage lace and sequin dress, American Apparel bra, La perla panties)
I can't decide if this dress, minus a slip, with just boy shorts and a tube bra is mildly or severely inappropriate. Worst case I can spend some of my weekend wearing it in the house with F. (yes that's a reference to my new man...he's french, he's sexy and I like it). Have a lovely weekend to all of my readers.


Added to the army

(1. Jeffrey Campbell "lita" 2. F21 floral Miu Miu fakes, F21 army doc lesbo looking boots.)
Just a few pairs of shoes I purchased yesterday. The "litas" were a bit more difficult to get, I actually called about 7 stores every single day for the last 35 days...literally everyday!!! But now they're mine and I cant wait to wear them.


You've got a run in your stalkings

(Vintage: Hat, dress, blazer, target DIY shredded tights, Zara booties, Balenciaga bag)

Loving the brief cold weather stint that New York is having right now. Layering vintage little kids blazers, funny dresses, tights, scarves and hats. Its a whole new game for me. Trying to look feminine, edgy, fashion forward, pulled together and stay warm all at the same time, its a serious challenge. But miraculously today I accomplished just that...what do you think?



(Scarf gift from mom, Vintage polka skirt:worn as dress, Vintage belt, Jeffrey Campbell clogs, Seth and Dashiel Design Gold Lion bracelet and i.d bracelet, Antique rings, Street Vendor studded cuff, antique rhinestone bracelet)

Here is the first series of photos that my brother Dashiel and I took while on my vacation in California. We literally shot these in about 5 mins walking from the front porch to the car to head down south to his house. How amazing is garden? Towering sunflowers, mass variety of tomatoes, basil, and other veggies...I bought this skirt with hopes of wearing it with a cut off t-shirt similar to my long black 90210 looking thing, but quickly developed a deeper bond with it as dress. Doing so also allowed me to add my newest obsession (the cognac vintage belt) and this bold printed scarf that my mom dug out of a dark corner somewhere and I clearly fell in love with. So standard for me stacks of various bracelets, and rings along with super tall clogs and really thats that. Getting ready for a meeting concerning my blog, hopefully all goes well and I will have some amazing news to share.


work work work work work

(Vintage skirt, Necessary clothing lace tank, F21 oxfords, Balenciaga bag, Seth and Dashiel lion bracelet, Vintage link bracelet, Antique Diamond cocktail ring, Antique Diamond and Sapphire ring)
I've been a very bad blogger... BUT its because I have been working extra hours (fashion week is approaching, we are working on opening London) and dating back to back to back to back. I haven't even had enough spare time to get a proper nights sleep. In fact I'm cutting into my much needed nap time to blog. Must sleep now, then get ready for F(my little Frenchies) bday dinner...awww details may be coming. We shall see....happy friday, have a good weekend, and say a little prayer that I have at least one full nights sleep...



(Vintage:Dress, Gloves, Glasses , Target headband)
This dress is one of the pieces that I've recently purchased while in California. Lucky for me, my mama is quite the seamstress and helped cut off and hem about 3 feet of material from the bottom. When standing it isn't quite as short as it appears in these pics. Thanks to the cold here I've begun purchasing clothing that I feel will transition to the fall. The olive green base and teenie tiny black floral print will look just as feminine and pulled together will black tights, a fur coat and sky high heels. But for now, bare legs, crazy lipstick and my parents antique couch. Ps isnt it incredible how my outfit strongly resembles clothing from the 40's??? And how effortless it is to pull off a look that really is so dated?



(American Apparel t-shirt, Vintage leather shorts, Target tights, F21 flats, Vintage belt, Tsubi sunglasses, Foley and Corina bag,Mom's scarf Vintage jacket,Rings YSL)
I spent the day schmaltzing around San Francisco. Vintage shopping and eating my favorite Mexican food in the Mission. I was fortunate enough to hear my good friends Isaac and Terry's band practice.(Photos to come). Coming from the NY heat the SF cold was so delightful. Tights, scarves and these insane leather shorts that I picked up at Eco Thrift in Vallejo for 99 cents. Yes 99 cents. Most of the people I interacted with were so upset about the cold weather in Mid August but it just gave me motivation and excited me for the season to come to New York.

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