I never thought I'd do it...BUT I did it. I bought clear stripper heels. Ok this sounds a lot worse than it really is they aren't exactly the same as the chicks that dance on tables and sell their p*ssies, but same general idea. I don't know what came over me, perhaps just the pure challenge of creating a look incorporating whore shoes and not looking like a full blown animal. Or maybe it was impulse. They were on sale for around 25.00 big ones! (which living in New York is a cab fare or a pack of cigarettes, not joking) For whatever reason I couldn't leave the store without them, and at least my money went to something that wont cause me cancer.


  1. I like them, and I don't get any "cheap girl"-vibes. And if you for some reason get tired of them you can send them to me, or DIY-style them with studs and spikes.. Always works.

  2. Can't wait to see more outfits you put with them

  3. super cute. are these from aldo?

  4. lol @ cab fare or a pack of cigarettes. so funny.
    i like them...can't wait to see you rock them in non-animal/stripper form.


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