Stomach ache

(Vintage Tee DIY cut job, Vintage Skirt, Vintage Gucci clutch, Street vendor sunglasses, Vintage Bracelets)
Ive been obsessing just a little about getting a really long slinky black skirt, so after my meeting with Dani from Kolae on Friday my friend Jena C and I went vintage shopping all over the city, SURE enough I (well actually Jena) found exactly what I was looking for, and voila there it is. I had to wear it with a short little t-shirt (an ex' that I cut, Sorry Aaron) to show a little skin because well, its the summer and its still a million degrees out. I've started the packing process for my California trip, and fortunately and unfortunately its cold in San Francisco. I'm digging through sweaters, leggings, riding boots and scarves trying to make outfits suitable for the weather and also blog worthy. ONE GOOD thing about the cold....MY studded ALL SAINTS boots that I've had sitting under my bed waiting for the temp to drop enough to wear them!!! YAAAYYYYY. Well time to focus on packing, and then meeting up with a dear friend...hmmmmm huuuhhhh


  1. That tee would look even sexier with a shorter skirt but u look great!


  2. wow crazy hot body, big fan of crop tops, but only on girls with a body for them.

    -He approves


  3. I've been obsessing with long black skirts to actually..I recently got one form Asos. I like yours..its better form fitting than mine


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