Mosh Posh

(Vintage little boys blazer, Random slip dress, F21 booties, necklace, cross ring, Vintage floral cuff, Ksubi Sunglasses, Antique Diamond rings, Skull ring st vendor, American Apparel bra)
This dress (actually a tank top I bought an X-large) is AMAZING. Its light, breezy, shows off just enough ribs to be borderline inappropriate another one of my favorite things. I obviously had to wear a ridiculous bra with it because so much of it was going to show, and lets face it, fashion is not that serious. So I went with a blue and cream sports bra lookin thing. Stacked on lots of rings, bracelets etc pretty standard for me and voilia...



(Vintage dress, Yves Saint Laurent Heels, YSL rings, Fendi bag, Seth and Dashiel Des cross necklace, Antique Bracelets, American Apparel Bra)Photos:Lindsey Evans

Went to dinner with an old friend to catch up, and ended up eating a 4 hour tapas dinner, drinking way too much sangria and laughing so loud that every table around us eventually joined in to our conversation. I am actually obsessed with this dress. Its light weight, girlie, understated sexy and was $5.00 at the goodwill. Pairing this super inexpensive dress with really nice accessories like my old school Fendi bag-ette, and YSL heels made it look much more expensive than it really is. (My favorite trick :highs and lows). Still working like a maniac but I have to say life is really really good. You can always tell my mood by my nail color. This week Essie "lilacism" what color are you wearing?



1.Teddy Bear Coffee Lid 2.Different textures of vintage bags 3. Shoes for San Francisco trip looming: Givenchy, Yves Saint Laurant, Christian Louboutin, Fendi, J Simpson, Sock monkey slippers 4.Rings galore 5. Sarah Hearey cuffs.

Just taking notice of all the little things and details around my apt that make me smile.


What's black and white?

(F21 bustier, U.O Dress,Gifted United Nude neon green flats, Vintage Chain, and block gold braclets, Seth and Dashiel Des. gold bracelets, Gift gold pinky, "Tess"Gift from Linds and Dani, Random watch gift from J)
Do you remember that book from childhood "where do the butterflies go in the rain"? Well in New York you may find yourself asking that very same question at 4am (shame on you) or 4pm. "where do the cabbies go at 4?" It is literally impossibly to find a cab, and well I have an answer for you. They go off duty for shift change and everyday at 4 sharp they conveniently head to Bond st. exactly where my office is. I find, the meeting of men, the loud music, the exchange of food and cabs really interesting. And thought it was the perfect background for a quicky shoot. The cobble stone streets lined with nothing but cabs...how very new york. I went big for the lingerie outside my clothing by piecing this bustier with a dress. I got a few crazy stares but for the most part I think it works... What do you think?


Georgia Peach

(Dress H&M, Street Vendor hat nyc, David Yurman turquoise spirit beads, Seth and Dashiel designs gold bracelets)
Here are some of the pictures from Georgia. Take a look at how beautiful the scenery is!!! Everything about this trip was effortless, amazing, relaxing, ultimately perfect. Like a dream. But dreams always end.



After a pretty strange week with some lows (D and I are no more sad sad sad face) , getting a 24 hour stomach flu, and starting to peel (gross)...I did have some highs, I received a hefty box of free and AMAZING clothes,I get to keep the ipad 3g I bought as an anniversary present, I finally got the pictures from my Japanese shoot(turns out I'm also on their shopping bags, random, anyone going to Japan anytime soon??) And MOST IMPORTANTLY I'm BLOGGER OF THE WEEK ON WHAT THE HELLZ. Read my full interview(clearly we can disregard my answer to where the fuck I'll be in 5 years) and check out my pics at http://whatthehellz.com/wordpress/?p=17203!!! And make sure to check our their clothes at their online shop on their site as well, I've been living in my tye dye t-shirt so comfy!!!! A very special thanks for Brit of Hellz Bellz (can't wait till you come to NY so we can enjoy some PHO),and Morgan for capturing all the images online for me!!!You are a computer genius!!!(will explain on Japanese blog, coming soon)


why so blue

(Random striped leotard, Vintage Levis Shorts, Vintage bag, J.Simpson heels, Ksubi sunglasses, Vintage rings, mixture of vintage and new necklaces and bracelets)Photos:Lindsey Evans
I love each and everything that I'm wearing in this post, individually as well as collectively. I haven't worn this leotard in forever, I think bc in real life it doesn't leave much to the imagination. But pairing it with my favorite riped up vintage Levis and tons of accessories seems to take the focus off my boobs. Again wearing D's sunglasses although I think he's going to ask for them back soon (sad face). PS did anyone notice that the circle necklace I'm wearing is stamped "100 pure"??? I bought it at some random thrift store when I was 20 or so, thought it was just too funny to pass on.

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